Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year

Selamat Menyambut Maal Hijrah in the Muslim Calendar and also Happy New Year 2009.

My Pride My Joy

Sorry, i have been away for quite some time, and sorry i promised photos from Langkawi (I need more time...)

Today, i want to share the joy in my family, my daughter scored straight 9A in her PMR examination. No word can express my happiness and am proud of my daughter. She sat for an extra paper on Arabic language. The suspense was that she only managed to get 1A in her trial, but she has proved to us that she can do it with Allah's consent.

""Alhamdulillah syukur ke hadrat Allah yang membalas usaha keras anak saya untuk tekun belajar dan menunaikan doa kami... Tiadalah kekuatan kami melainkan dengan izin Allah...""

We were anxious as we traveled from Rawang to MRSM Terendak, Melaka for her result, we arrived at 10a.m. but the result were only announced after 11.30 am.

The moment of truthThe joyThe tears of joy
Confirmation of Result

Thursday, December 18, 2008

My Langkawi pic

A welcome pic from the name sake of Langkawi, the bird itself Lang Kawi.

It seems at the moment my blog is unstable, will continue later.

Crude Oil < USD40/barrel

Crude Oil Prices still tumble despite OPEC plan to cut 2.2 million barrel per day!

In fact, the crude oil is now trading below USD40 per barrel today against the OPEC President's expectation of a higher rebound on the commodity price.

Traders and demand are more concern on the current economic situation.

Our local retail petrol price should see further cut and the fair price should be at RM1.50 per litre a 30 sen cut from the current price, we once enjoyed years ago. Malaysian public fuel (petrol and diesel) are no longer being subsidized by the government (except for fishermen and bus operators) and as a matter of fact we have been paying premiums for our fuel for quite a while.

By cutting further the price, we Malaysian will have more money to spend elsewhere, and created better domestic consumption and therefore will help the Malaysian government to sustain our economic statistics.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Seventh Fuel Cut

Sorry just got home from balik kampung, and another good news, the retail price of petrol cut further by 10 sen by midnight to RM1.80 per litre.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Just got home from Langkawi last night got lots of photos (4Gb) to process, cos i m using raw format, need to do post processing with my photoshop.

Sympathy for Bkt Antarabangsa

I sympathized with the victims of the latest landslide victims at Bukit Antarabangsa, among them are my friends, like Zainal Abidin Othman eventhough his house was not affected but the hardship he and his family had to endure for several days due to inaces road and blackouts.

It shows how the property developers insatiable greed to sell houses on hillside, while the unwise decision made by house buyers looking for hillside and panoramic view rather than safety and security for the family.

Anyway, I appreciate Selangor's new government to disallow any new approval for development on class 3 and 4 slopes when they took over the government eventhough they were criticized by the the previous government and their spporters.

I only got the news while vactioning at Langkawi, it happens during we were travelling to Kuala Kedah.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Next year economic outlook

The Crude oil price dipped further, so where the price are really heading?

It seems that the price of oil is becoming a benchmark on the health of the economy. The demand for Oil has drastically shrink as the focus is now on the state of the economy.

Several giant multinational corporations and investment banks had collapse due to the credit crunch, but will there be another round of collapse among commodity trading firm involved in crude oil trade?

The US President in waiting Mr Barack Hussein Obama will having a hard time to improve the economy.

For Malaysia, next year will be much more tougher as the commodity prices of oil, palm oil, rubber had dropped so much. And at the same time the Ringgit had weaken against the USDollar at 3 years low of RM3.60.

The demand for E&E/semiconductors is in the declining trend and there were reports that several manufacturing contracts had been called off. Unemployment rate is on a steady rise above the sound figure of 5%.

Will there be another retrenchment or VSS? Most likely, if the situation in US persist.

The government of Malaysia depends largely on domestic consumption to sustain the economy but with the current economic uncertainty will Malaysian spend?

Whatever it is we must brace ourselves for the hard times...

Usman Awang

Minggu lalu pada 29 November saya telah menghadiri majlis memperingati Allahyarham Dato' Usman Awang, Sastrawan Negara dengan nama pena Tongkat Waran, atas jemputan oleh anak sulungnya Haslina Usman sempena 7 tahun pemergiannya.

Apa yang menakjubkan pada majlis yang dianjurkan oleh UA Enterprise ialah penaja utamanya ialah sebuah syarikat milik orang Cina, dirasmikan oleh kedutaan China (PRC) dan diadakan di Hotel milik kaum Cina.

Dan lebih menakjubkan ialah ucaptama perasmian telah dibacakan oleh wakil Duta Besar yang datang dari Republik Rakyat Cina, dalam bahasa Melayu. Sebahagian besar tetamu juga adalah dari kalangan kaum Cina.

Lebih hebat lagi acaranya banyak dipersembahkan oleh kaum Cina, terdiri dari penulis kaum cina, nyanyian lirik lagu ciptaannya oleh penyanyi cina, deklamasi oleh pelajar cina dan juga oleh Dr Lim Swee Tin. Selain dari persembahan oleh seperti Uji Rashid dan anaknya untuk lagu Uda & Dara, dan penyair tempatan yang lain.

Apa yang ingin saya sampaikan disini ialah betapa kita boleh hidup bersama tanpa memikirkan ketuanan Melayu atau isu-isu kaum pendatang. Bukankah hidup kita ini akan lebih harmoni? Walaupun beliau telah tiada tapi lihatlah betapa usahanya semasa hayatnya masih dikenang dan dapat menghubungkan dua kaum tanpa rasa sangsi atau ada permusuhan.

Al-Fatihah untuk Allahyarham Dato' Usman Awang, Sastrawan Negara dan Pak Ngah aku.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Petrol price cut

Yes! Another fuel price cut by midnight tonight. Luckily i didn't fill my car this morning, almost did! Tomorrow will be 10 sen cheaper at RM1.90 per litre for petrol ron 97 and diesel from RM1.90 to RM 1.80/litre.

It is timely they reduce the price cos the global crude oil price is sliding below USD50/barrel, since OPEC decided not to cut their output.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Oil Price >USD55/barrel

Will the OPEC reduce the supply of crude oil? OPEC ministers will meet this weekend to discuss the possibility of cutting their oil supply, due to the current economic turmoil and slower demand. Owing to that the price of crude oil remain at USD55/barrel.

Why would OPEC need to cut the supply? The real cost of crude oil is in the region of USD30/barrel, but due to several national and technical issues, several countries incurred higher cost that may reached as high as USD50 to USD55/barrel. This are putting a burden to these oil producing countries especially those from the Latin and from African continent.

The last few years several oil producing countries are expanding their drilling and services to keep with growing demand at the time and therefore had to spend large amount of money on new infrastructure.

Therefore OPEC need to safeguard their own investment and to maintain the price of Oil certain level to ensure their survival.

And traders will be happy to see the fluctuation as an opportunity to trade on the current situation; buying at USD50 and sells above USD55.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

India under attack

Mumbai (Bombay) is under coordinated attack, two luxury hotels and one train station was under siege by gunmen. According to police, 80 people died and 250 injured.

Taj Mahal Hotel and Oberoi Hotel was attacked in the early morning, while gunmen looking for US and British passport holders. several public places were also under attack, i.e hospitals and cafe apart from the train station.

One of the hotel was on fire.

What a sad day. It was chaotic. The head of India's anti terrorist police were shot dead.

The Crude Oil price spiked again to above USD55.00.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Crude Oil; short-lived spike

The Crude oil price ease back to around USD51-52/barrel after spiking to USD55 yesterday. the spike was mainly due to the new move on bailout. But still the fear for Economic downturn still dogged the sentiment.

Demand for crude oil had declined a lot and the outlook for the market is gloomy and may remain at current level for quite some time.

Nama Jalan

Tak habis-habis nak bertengkar fasal papan tanda nama jalan. Pihak Kerajaan pusat kononnya memperjuangkan kedaulatan bahasa Melayu jadi tak mahu campur aduk tulisan dalam bahasa lain. Kerajaan negeri yang tak sehaluan dengan kerajaan pusat pulak nakkan tulisan bahasa lain-lain kaum. Apa kena mengena tanda jalan dengan kedaulatan bahasa Melayu? Ini cuma seolah-olah nak timbulkan sentimen...

Ini isu kecil, tapi ramai Menteri yang kecoh sama, sampaikan heboh kat parlimen, apa tak ada isu yang lebih besar ke? Bukankah ekonomi dunia sedang gawat, patutnya kita tumpukan pada masalah ini yang akan memberi kesan pada seluruh rakyat Malaysia.

Yang melucukan, ada menteri pulak yang kata jangan dipolitikkan isu ini, tapi siapa sebenarnya yang politikkan? Siapa yang bawa isu ini ke Parlimen? Kerajaan pusat sendiri sehingga membawa isu ke Parlimen. Buang masa aja.

Kalau kerajaan Pulau Pinang nak pasang tanda nama apa salahnya, tulisan bahasa Melayu masih di utamakan. Bahasa lain tu hanya sampingan, kalau semua bangsa di Malaysia ni nakkan bahasa mereka biar lantak lah biar penuh tanda jalan tu pun apa ada hal?

Kenapa pula bila DBKL memasang tanda nama jalan yang mempunyai bahasa Arab, tak ada pula Menteri atau ahli Parlimen yang melenting? Sila datang ke Bukit Bintang, anda akan lihat banyak tanda jalan disertakan dalam bahasa Arab. Silalah ke Jalan Isfahan, terpampang "Ain al-Arabia" bahasa Arab. Berapa kerat keturunan Arab rakyat Malaysia, bahkan mereka ni banyak mengaku jadi orang Melayu sebab nak status Bumiputera macam Syed Hamid tu boleh jadi ahli Umno!

Jadi, kenapa bila kerajaan yang tak sehaluan semuanya tak betul tapi yang sekongkol semuanya boleh saja. Bukankah dengan adanya pelbagai tulisan akan mencerminkan negara Malaysia yang berbagai kaum?

Isu ini dah melibatkan Menteri Kesenian, Menteri Pelancungan dan Menteri WP. Kenapa, mereka semua ini tak ada kerja ke? Sekarang ini ada isu lebih besar, iaitu Ekonomi Negara. Inflasi dah melambung, harga barang dah tinggi, tambang bas akan naik walau harga minyak dah turun. Ini hujung tahun, banyak perbelanjaan untuk anak sekolah, dan sebagainya...

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

NO to fuel price floor!

What the .... is Shahrir trying to do, putting a floor on fuel price!

Come on lah he made the biggest blunder in Malaysian economy now he wants to put a floor on the price of fuel. Let say the price goes down to USD40/barrel, who is going to get the profit? Petronas? Cronies? Malaysian consumer will be paying premium on our fuel. An indirect tax on our fuel consumption! We agreed to forego our subsidy but not on putting a floor.

If the government really want to put a floor there should also be a ceiling on the prices, let say not more than RM3 if the global crude oil goes higher than USD180/barrel.

By reducing the fuel price, the consumers will have more disposable cash to spend, in turn, the spending will help spur the economic growth, especially during economic strife where we need domestic consumption to boost the GDP.

Is that very hard for Shahrir to understand? I think our Malaysian Ministers (including PM & DPM) need to attend Economic 101 again.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Economic Disarray

Just in a couple of months Malaysian economic outlook fluctuate erratically. In the middle of the year the Malaysian government panicked due to higher crude oil price, suddenly hike the fuel prices, petrol up more than 40%, while diesel only a few cents cheaper than petrol.

Pity that our current Prime Minister has no economic background nor his initiative to consult the professional economists. The DPM had not practised his knowledge in economy for a long-long time, since his last short stint when he was a deputy minister in MOF, he has been too long in Education and Defense Ministry. As a whole the cabinet made the worst decision in the history of Malaysia by endorsing the fuel hike on June 5, 2008.

It is the worst decision which compel the Consumer Price Index (CPI) or Inflation to shoot to the ceiling to 7.7% in June, 8.5% in July and August and 8.2% in September.

All transport costs shoots to the ceiling with 30% extra surcharges for buses and all food items increase higher and higher.

It was also a bad timing, as the region were facing food produce shortages, rice producing Indo-china were hit by flood, eartquake in China etc.

To appease the angry public, the government had to introduce cash rebates on road taxes and several other incentives were introduce for several category of users. In the first place the move can be avoided if the government had been very prudent and sensible in their decision process.

Now the price of petrol in Malaysia is almost back to where they once were before June because the crude oil price climbed down significantly since then and much lower than it was a year or so ago. The fifth reduction since August.

The main issue all other prices will never come down again. Shahrir had to convince or more probably made a pact with the giant Hypermarkets to reduce their prices. Good for consumers but on the other hand this move will kill the smaller retailers or "kedai runcit".

The recent price reduction for rice were mainly due to the restoration of supply not due to the government effort.

A couple of weeks ago they announced to cut employees contribution to EPF, the effort is not really to help employees during economic strain but mainly to ensure domestic consumption level remain high and by end of the year, the government will report a good GDP/economic statistic. This is another short term measure. The loser - by the time the employee reached their retirement age the savings will not be sufficient.

Another stupid move was to introduce 10% toll discount between 12midnight till 7 am for passenger cars, it seems the government is encouraging the public to drive during the wee hours. Ironically these are the most dangerous time for passenger cars; heavy vehcles and time to sleep.

Just like any other countries our government had to introduce RM7bil stimulus package to spur the economy. Where will the money come from and how the government is to channel them?

Why don't the government be more cool, prudent and sensible like Bank Negara with their monetary policy especially overnight policy rate?

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Oil Price Chart is okay

The oil price chart is on again! the price is still below USD53 per barrel.

Oil Chart not available

Sorry, the crude oil chart is temporarily not available. Please bear with me. The current price is not USD90.49 as per chart. Will update manually later.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Toll discount - stupidity

What a joke to offer toll discount between midnight and 7 in the morning. This is another case of stupidity over rational mind, disregarding the implication of such a move.

All this while, midnight driving is a privilege for Heavy vehicles; lorries/trucks, tankers, container haulers, express buses and also for "midnight racers", mat rempits and drunks. By offering discounts during these hours, the government is now encouraging the public to make their long distant journey in the wee hours and the possibility of endangering users life. Even in broad daylight a lot of accidents involving heavy vehicles with passenger cars, what more in a sleepy mood and darkness of the night.

Toll operators are an unscrupulous lot, they know that the number of passenger cars plying their highways are the lowest during this hour, now they are encouraging drivers to travel at the hour to optimize the usage. It is very dangerous as it midnight is habitually considered a time for rest and sleep for the majority of the public.

If the toll operators are really sincere they should offer discount during peak seasons i.e beginning 3 days before and ending 3 days after any festivities (Hari Raya, CNY, Divali, Xmas etc.)

One thing for sure this is not a way to help during the economic downturn!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

No Fuel Subsidy

Yesterday's Shahrir's statement has proven that my earlier suspicion and contention that our retail fuel price were no longer subsidized by the government is true.

Check out today's Star newspapers or StarOnline "Government Not Paying Petrol Subsidies". At last the government finally revealed that our fuel price no longer subsidized since the global crude oil price drop below USD65/barrel. So for all that period, in actual fact we have already been paying a premium and most probably still are. Shahrir did also mentioned that the price may be cut to RM1.92 or much lower soon, therefore indicating that all this while the subsidy is either minimal or non-existent.

Quoted from The Star;
“Even with petrol retailing at RM2 per litre, we are not paying any subsidy. We have actually arrived at a time when the price can return to RM1.92,” he said.

Then what happen to the discount of 30sen, most probably also non-existent. The Government all along had given a wrong picture on the subsidy when Shahrir said;

“Earlier announcements of how much the subsidies cost us, even as recent as 2005 or 2006, always included how much we had foregone in terms of taxes.

“We have stopped doing this, however, and just focused on how much subsidy we are paying,” Shahrir said, adding that the Government was now enjoying some revenue due to the difference in the ex-refinery price and the price oil companies sold petrol to station operators." (the Star 19/11/2008)

See how lack of transparent the BN government were and still are.

As an oil producing country we should be enjoying much lower fuel price, like Brunei and the oil rich middle Eastern countries.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Crude Oil > USD55/barrel

Just yesterday morning i mentioned about the Malaysia Petrol retail price and by the evening NTR announced the reduction of petrol RON 97 by 15sen to RM2.00 per litre. And lucky for me, yesterday morning i decided not to pump in the petrol, so today I managed to get a cheaper petrol.

Pak Lah yesterday lashed out at traders refusing to cut down prices of goods despite the reduction in fuel price. But the real culprit is not the traders, but Pak Lah himself! and together with Shahrir and probably the rest of the cabinet. They had made the decision to hike the fuel price by more than 40%, without proper economic forecasting or projection, misjudged the economic situation, without taking into consideration of the impact from such historically huge hike.

Such a huge hike prompted traders to increase their goods and once prices are fixed it will never look back. Fullstop.

Anyway, still not satisfied with RM2.00/litre still hoping for RM1.90/litre soon.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Crude Oil < USD57/barrel

Last Friday, I anticipated another cut in the Retail fuel price, but it was a major letdown, no announcement came out. The price of global Crude Oil is now below USD57/barrel, lower than the figure two years ago.

Shahrir had promised to lower the price but nothing materialized. The petrol price should by now retail at below RM1.90 per litre.

Several pump station had already pasted "pump rosak" (broken pump) on their regular petrol unit in anticipation of an increase in the retail price. Several station operators decided to defer replenishing their stocks ahead of any government move to cut any losses. Some had to resorted to these tactics until their stocks all dried up.

How low will the crude oil price go? Unsure, but consensus says that the chances for the prices to go higher is generally very minimal.

A Messy Week

Sorry, it has been a week since my last updates of my blog. So many things happened last week that really made me very, very out of focus.

First, it was about my current job status, the possibility of being transferred into another entity really spoiled my working mood last week. The uncertainties about my terms of services, bla, bla, bla... going around and nobody can give a definite answer...

Then, it was about my mentor, my sifu's misfortune after serving a couple of days at his new work place, office politic overpowered and he is also facing uncertainties...

Third, received a letter from Income Tax (LHDN), that i owed them a cumulative sum of RM6,800 for tax between 2002 to 2007. Oh my god! Be patient be sober and luckily i kept all my documents intact, check all the figures and found out that all parties had erred, myself including. The major fault was my employer, for not reporting the annual bonus payments according to the rules, I argued with them that it was wrong to penalise me for the errors made by my employer, and told them to reverse the late payment charges. They should educate or penalise my employer instead.

Since i also made the error of not paying the difference on the amended assessment after declaring the bonus payment, i had to pay almost RM5,000 to LHDN, of which i had to forked out RM2,500 in cash and the rest by 6 months salary deduction. Ouch! thats a lot of money. Well, I had to defer my dream of owning Nikon D90/D300 in the near term. The biggest setback.

Last week also found out through the internet that I got a speeding fine in August of which i cannot recall as it happened 3 months ago and i did not even receive letters or official correspondence. Why me?

Monday, November 10, 2008

Malaysian Economic outlook

Can Malaysia withstand the global economic slowdown? The probabilities is yes but with lots of cuts and bruises. Malaysia is fundamentally strong or probably seen to be strong - if the statistics produced by the government is accurate and genuine.

As a country rich with our own natural resources we are less dependent on other countries but i have to stress not totally independent, we still rely heavily on foreign trade, especially with the US and the Asean countries. Based on the current statistics our major export is to USA, Singapore and Japan. All these countries are suffering economic recession. The latest statistics also shows that the our export is declining while import increased.

The weakening of the economy had pressured the price of commodities lower; crude oil back to the level more than 18 months ago, palm oil is now going lower than RM1,400/ton after enjoying as high as RM4,400/ton, and rubber is back to its previous level. All the above were the major contributor to our export statistic.

The main export item, electronic and electrical goods had been suffering a low demand for quite a while. The main importer of Malaysian E&E, the US are facing economic recession and demand for such goods will not improve although the festive season is just around the corner.

Malaysian monetary policymaker had been very brave by not increasing the interest rates when the inflation rates soared to record high despite other countries adjusting their rates higher. By now those countries had to re-adjust their rates when the economy come tumbling down.

Malaysia will be affected indirectly by the slowdown in global economy; the weakening export, shrinking in commodity prices, slower foreign investment, weakening stock-market sentiment and economic slowdown in neighboring countries.

Right now Malaysia had to depend largely on domestic consumption. To encourage more domestic spending at the expense of reducing rakyat's savings!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Stimulus package for who?

To spur the Nation economic growth on the expense of the peoples' retirement savings in Employee Provident Fund (EPF). The laymen and lower working class group hails the move to reduce the employee's EPF deduction as a generous effort by the government to help during economic slowdown. It seems that in the near term the rakyat will have more money in hand.

But it is actually a very diabolical and irresponsible act, a short-term measure to ensure the economic records growth. By reducing the deduction, more cash will be available in the hands of the people and more spending power. In other word, the government is prompting the peoples to spend more. By spending more, it would stimulate demand in the domestic market and therefore incite consumer spending. GDP figure will improve.

In the long-term the people/EPF member will suffer especially the lower income group, where at the end of their service age, would found out that their retirement savings is barely enough to sustain a couple of years only.

Before implementing the policy, employers should brief in detail of the pro and contra of their options, reduce or maintain the deduction. This is the time for the employee to increase their saving instead of spending. The government should be more prudent and do an indepth study before implementing any policy, this is the second biggest boo-boo the government made, the first was in June this year, hiking the fuel price by more than 40%.

All working Malaysian and EPF contributor/members must alert and be well inform of the implication of such a move. Inflation is forever increasing and goods are getting more expensive, by 5 to 10 years the savings in EPF may not be sufficient and by then we will see a lot more old folks working like we see now as security guards, kitchen helper etc., etc. instead of enjoying their retirement benefit.

The new Finance Minister cum Prime Minister-in-waiting should be more farsighted, sensible and practical in your decision.

Crude oil Price USD60/barrel

It is obvious that the price of Crude oil closely follows the fluctuations of the stock-market, the USDollars and in general the perception of global economy outlook.

The US Presidential election had ended and the joy in celebration for the new President-elect in the stock exchange also ended, as the market come back into reality. Will Obama be able to make changes as promised? Will his view of the economy be distinct from his past predecessors?

Yesterday's plunge in the stock exchange all over the world compelled the crude oil price to USD60/barrel. Are we seeing the price to remain at this level?

The main issue now is that the demand for oil has reduced so much as the major import countries are more concern in rehabilitating their dwindling economic trend.

Could the coming winter create demand for the black gold? Very difficult to gauge. Most probabilities major user countries like US and China may have already piled up their inventories when the market was pushing to record high in reaction to stock-up before the price goes above USD200/barrel.

In Malaysia are we seeing the retail fuel price revert to pre-June 2008 hike? It should be lower than RM1.92/litre, last year the crude oil price was hovering around this level or probably lower.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Malaysian petrol price

Yesterday I read some comments in the newspapers complaining that the government was very slow in cutting the petrol and diesel prices and the cut were only between 10-15sen at a time. The low cut was mainly to avoid petrol stations operators from suffering huge losses due to expensive stock purchase prior to the cut. The BN is very caring government but only to the petrol station operators because the bulk of these operators are politicians, relatives, proxies and cronies of politicians.

When the government hike the petrol by 40%, they never consider the implication on inflation, costs of other consumer goods, cost of transportation, basically nobody is thinking about the general public welfare. But, the petrol operators made huge sum of profit when the fuel prices were increased drastically. By increasing the petrol from RM1.92/litre to RM2.70 per litre, the petrol station operator made a profit of at least 78sen.

Let say, as at 12 midnight on the eve of the price hike, a petrol station had a stock of 10,000 litres bought at RM1.80/litre or RM18,000. By midnight, they sell the petrol at RM2.70/litre, minus operation cost, they made RM26,000 from selling the stock. A gain of RM8,000 was made. Therefore these people had made a lot of money from the price hike, but when the government cut the price, the priority is on the petrol operators' welfare.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Crude Oil below USD65/barrel

The price of Crude oil look more likely to stay at current level, despite OPEC move to cut up by more than 1.5 million barrel per day. The pressure from impending global recession compel the price to remain lower and demand plummet lower.

Some analyst are predicting the oil price to go lower than USD50 per barrel, but to me it is to early to say as the northern hemisphere are going into winter. Demand may increase in November, December and January from North America, Europe and northern part of Asia.

The sudden increase yesterday was influenced by the cut in interest rates in US, the strengthening of USD and the stock market reaction - buying on interest rate cut.

The world is facing a recession, will Malaysia be affected. Indirectly yes, directly may or may not, short term; ok, long term; export base industry are very risky.

Anyway, for Malaysian we are awaiting eagerly for the fourth cut in retail petrol and diesel prices by midnight. Another 15 sen?

If the government set the price for petrol at RM2.15/litre, that mean Malaysian are no longer subsidized.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Please be realistic, Shahrir!

Crude Oil gas is going lower and lower but the Malaysian retail fuel price is still high, why? Because the government want to protect petrol station operators that might suffer as price cut will be done immediately at midnight after announcement, while petrol stations had to stocked up and unaware of any decision to cut the price. And the bulk of petrol station operators and owners are politicians and BN supporters.

Isn't that stupid, when they hike the price, they never studied the possibility of the impact, but after they had boo-booed, now they are trying to amend.

Yesterday Shahrir proudly claimed that price of goods had dropped 30%, please lah Mr Minister, could you please go yourself to the "pasar". Come on lah don't just depend on reports by the Hypermarkets or civil servants, these people just like to hyper the Minister only. Get the shoes dirty or put on the "Wellington boots" and drop by to any wet market, and see it, first hand.

But as a Minister i don't think Shahrir will know any differences, I am not sure when is the last time Shahrir visited any wet market. That is the privileges of being a minister, everything is brought to the doorsteps. A minister will only visit when there is official function and all the photographers and journalist were notified earlier.

If Datuk Shahrir could please list all items that had dropped 30% with sufficient proof, then will I be convinced.

Come this friday, I am expecting the price of Petrol at RM1.92/litre and RM1.58/litre and drop 30% surcharge on bus fares.

Previously, I thought Shafie Apdal was the worst Consumer Affair Minister but Shahrir...

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Crude Oil Price < USD68/barrel

Crude Oil price hit another low again at USD67.21/barrel, but the lowest was USD66.71/barrel few days ago.

This level is much, much lower than even before the government hike the Retail fuel price in June 2008 by 78 sen, as a matter of fact the price had actually gone back to the level of price for 2007. When the govt announced the hike the Global crude price was around USD117 to USD120/barrel. (Click here)

Therefore we strongly urge the government to bring down the prices of petrol and diesel to its previous price of RM1.92 and RM1.58 respectively.

If the Malaysian government had acted wisely, 1) we would not suffer severe inflationary hike, 2) complicated subsidy scheme for prices of diesel for fishermen, boat owners and transport operators, 3) cash rebate payment to fishing vessels, 4) surcharge for bus fares, 5) rebates for road tax, etc.

It really shows that we are now no longer subsidized by the Malaysian government, instead it seems like we are paying premium for our fuel.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Peralihan Kuasa

Ada betulnya kat-kata Muhyiddin (TSMY) bahawa tempoh pemilihan pucuk pimpinan Umno pada bulan Mac 2009 adalah terlalu lama sedangkan pencalonan di peringkat bahagian akan tamat sebelum bulan Disember iaitu sebelum tarikh asal Perhimpunan Umno.

Dalam tempoh yang begitu panjang lebihkurang 3 hingga 4 bulan berbagai peristiwa tidak dijangka pastinya berlaku. Dalam tempoh itu mainan politik akan lebih agresif, politik wang (rasuah senang cerita) pasti berlaku. Tekanan dan "intimidation" serta aktiviti melobi akan menjadi lebih hangat dan berbagai cerita baru kemungkinan akan muncul.

Masing-masing akan berlumba-lumba untuk memenangi hati perwakilan yang bakal mengundi, apa cara lagi kalau bukan dengan cara paling mudah... wang atau jawatan.

Janji-janji dan tawar-menawar akan lebih galak dan akhirnya masing-masing pula akan menggunakan pula cara yang lebih kejam dengan "membunuh" kerjaya politik masing-masing dengan tuduhan yang bermacam-macam (fitnah la tu) sehingga ada pihak yang mungkin akan menyalahguna kedudukannya dan pengaruh dalam kerajaan untuk menjatuhkan lawannya. atau setidak-tidaknya mengada-adakan cerita dan mengadu pada jawatankuasa disiplin tentang salah laku pihak lawan.

Apakah Pak Lah tak terfikir keadaan ini atau memang sengaja menangguhkan pemindahan kuasa dengan objektif tertentu.

Cubalah kita ambil iktibar dari pemilihan Presiden Amerika Syarikat, walaupun pengundian di buat pada awal bulan November, Presiden yang baru akan hanya diiktiraf pada 20hb. January pada tahun berikutnya, dimana Presiden lama akan menyerahkan kuasanya pada hari tersebut tanpa mengira dari parti mana sekalipun. Ini juga memberi ruang pada Presiden lama untuk menyelesaikan kerja-kerjanya sebelum penyerahan kuasa dan juga suatu peralihan kuasa yang aman. Tidak semestinya bila kalah terus diterajang!

Jadi apa salahnya diubah perlembagaan Umno (jika perlu) untuk membolehkan Pak Lah menyerah kuasa pada bulan Mac bagi memberi ruang peralihan kuasa yang sebenar kepada Presiden Umno yang baru yang dipilih pada bulan Disember.

Crude oil Price Dipped Lower

What a relief that the spike in oil price was only for a short while. Thank goodness the price is now back much lower than before. At the time of writing the price is USD70.89 per barrel, with the lowest ranged at USD69.77 and highest was USD75.69.

The OPEC is expected to announce a cut on the production of oil up to a million per day had triggered the price increase the last few days after going below USD70 per barrel. It seems that greed had overwhelm OPEC nations to push for higher price.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Oil spike: OPEC mulls cutting supplies

Oh dear, the price of Crude oil price started to move upward on expectations OPEC will cut output this week to prop up prices hard hit by slumping demand and the mounting financial crisis.

The OPEC ministers is expected to discuss this Friday, on how much they should cut the supply to balance against their own needs to maintain the oil related projects which would suffer if oil price goes below USD70 per barrel.

The OPEC countries are also concerned on the falling of the commodity prices as well as the global economic slowdown may affect their own economy.

Just hope it will not again trigger another spike and speculative activities which push to an all time high of USD147 per barrel a couple of months ago. We are very concerned that the cut would hinder any chances for the global economy to rebound.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Crude Oil Price < USD72/barrel

Crude Oil Price is now below USD72/barrel, we are still waiting for Pak Lah and Shahrir to announce another reduction in our retail fuel price. The last cut was when the global crude oil price was at USD84/barrel, a difference of USD12 or 14.28% to the current trading price.

Therefore we are looking forward for at least a 10% cut to the petrol and diesel price. A 10% cut would be a drop of 23sen from current retail price of petrol to RM2.07 per litre and 22sen cut from diesel price to 1.98/per litre.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Tabung Azan?

Saya amat terkejut dengan cadangan Umno Cheras menubuhkan "Tabung Azan", semata-mata untuk menolong Utusan Melayu menghadapi tindakan saman oleh Ahli Parlimen yang didakwa dalam akhbar UM menyuruh memperlahankan laungan Azan. Dan pada masa yang sama ramai pulak yang berkata tindakan menyaman akhbar adalah tindakan untuk menghalang kebebasan akhbar. Pelik dan ajaib, itulah sebabnya hingga sekarang saya masih tak faham.

Pertama, saya memang menyokong kebebasan bersuara dan akhbar tetapi tentunya ada batasnya. Jika seseorang telah menceritakan sesuatu yang tidak benar, adakah ini bermakna Kebebasan? Sudah tentu tidak, ini fitnah namanya. Adakah "Press Freedom" bermakna kita boleh memfitnah sesuka hati tanpa rasa tanggungjawab?

Keduanya, kes ini belum pun lagi dibicarakan di mahkamah, dan kita tak tahu lagi siapa yang benar dan siapa yang salah. Jika kita awal-awal lagi dah tubuhkan tabung ini dan akhirnya didapati UM bersalah bermakna kita dah bersubahat dengan pihak yang salah.

Ketiga, nama tabung ini juga mengelirukan dan lebih pada gimik politik untuk memancing simpati orang Melayu dan Islam amnya. Kenapa tak dinamakan tabung Utusan Melayu.

Keempat, UM adalah sebuah syarikat berhad yang sepatutnya menjaga nilai-nilai etika dan sebagai sebuah institusi yang dimilikki oleh orang Melayu yang secara amnya adalah orang Islam, sepatutnyalah mereka memartabatkan nilai Islam TETAPI jika mereka buat salah, tanggunglah sendiri.

Sejarah UM sudah tak relevan lagi, UM bukan lagi UM pada zaman 1950an atau 1960an, kini zaman dah berubah, kita tak perlu lagi mengenang masa yang dah lalu tapi harus bergerak untuk masa depan. Lebih-lebih lagi peneraju UM dan pemiliknya pun dari sektor komersial dan bukan pengasas asal lagi.

Apa-apa pun kita tunggulah sehingga keputusan mahkamah, barulah kita tahu siapa yang benar dan siapa yang salah. Jika UM menang dan di dapati benar saya akan menyokong UM tetapi jika sebaliknya...?

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Oil Below USD74/barrel

Crude oil price drop further below USD74 per barrel, barely a day after the government cut the retail fuel price from RM2.45 to RM2.30 per litre for petrol and diesel from RM2.40 to RM2.20. The cut were made when the crude oil price was around USD84 per barrel.

It seems that another price cut should be coming soon because the crude oil Price is already back to the level before the price hike in June. As a matter of fact this is the lowest level recorded for the last 14 month which have tumbled a staggering 49 percent since soaring to an all-time high USD147.27 on July 11.

The crude oil are already back to the 2006-2007 level and I am expecting it to stay at this level, therefore the government of Malaysia should be revising the price of retail fuel and the economic forecast.

The Malaysian government made the worst blunder hiking the petrol price by 41% in June this year and the impact of such a drastic and extreme upsurge, all consumer items, transportation services, food and beverages prices escalates higher and is expected to remain costly regardless of any reduction of the retail fuel price.

The two people should take the responsibility of such a bad, bad, bad move and that is Pak Lah and Shahrir.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Cerpen atau ...

Saya terganggu membaca karya cerpen yang ditulis dalam Mingguan Malaysia Ahad lalu, Jika dibaca oleh sesiapa pun, secara spontan akan mengaitkan karya ini dengan individu tertentu dalam politik negara. Kita sedar MM sedang berhadapan dengan tindakan undang-undang oleh Indidvidu tertentu, walaupun begitu saya rasa amat terganggu dengan pengakhiran ceritanya, bacalah petikan dibawah.

Apakah cerpen ini suatu kebetulan?

Adakah cerpen ini semata-mata cerpen?

Atau di sebaliknya ingin meluahkan rasa marah terhadap individu tertentu?

Adakah ini sebagai ingin mempertahankan organisasi tempat penulis ini bekerja?

Atau adakah ini sebagai cubaan untuk "instigate" atau cubaan mengapi-apikan supaya orang membunuh?

Atau suatu ugutan secara halus...?

Petikan dari cerpen dalam Mingguan Malaysia, Ahad 12/10/2008

"Apabila YB J bangun untuk menuju ke rostrum ucapan, seorang anak muda dari belakang pentas berjalan tenang menuju ke arahnya. YB J tersenyum kepadanya. Dia menyangka anak muda seketurunan dengannya ingin mengiringinya ke rostrum atau bersalaman dengannya.

YB J menghulurkan tangan. Tiba-tiba YB J tergaman dan berdiri kaku. Dia tidak percaya dengan apa yang dilihatnya. Tergenggam erat pada tangan anak muda yang seolah-olah mahu membalas salam tangan yang dihulur itu ialah sepucuk pistol jenis Revolver yang betul-betul diajukan ke arah dada YB J.

Tanpa berkata apa-apa, anak muda itu melepaskan beberapa das tembakan. Salah satu daripadanya tepat mengenai jantung YB J. Dia rebah ke lantai.

Para hadirin menjadi panik. Mereka yang berada di atas pentas turut tergamam melihat apa yang berlaku. Kejadian menjadi hiruk-pikuk dan tidak terkawal. Pihak penganjur yang tidak menduga kejadian malang itu berlaku, tidak tahu berbuat apa-apa. Beberapa orang anggota polis berpakaian preman yang menjadi tetamu yang tidak diundang dalam majlis itu, meluru ke arah pentas. Rakan-rakan mereka yang berpakaian seragam yang berkawal di luar juga bergegas masuk ke dewan.

Tetapi belum sempat mereka berbuat apa-apa, kedengaran beberapa das tembakan lagi. Kali ini yang rebah adalah anak muda itu sendiri.

Apabila pihak polis tiba di tempat kejadian, kedua-dua mereka - YB J dan anak muda yang berpakaian kemas itu, sudah tidak lagi bernyawa.

Sewaktu pemeriksaan dibuat ke atas mayat anak muda yang tidak dikenali itu, terselit sehelai nota yang ditaip rapi, ditulis dalam bahasa Kebangsaan.

Ia berbunyi: YB Josephine adalah ancaman terhadap keharmonian. Lebih baik riwayatnya ditamatkan supaya masyarakat berbilang kaum boleh tinggal aman damai di negara bertuah ini. Saya berkorban untuk masa depan."

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Cut in Fuel Price

At last another cut in fuel price without waiting for Friday but the amount is still considered small compared with the quantum of drop in Global Crude oil Price since the last revision of the retail fuel price. If the Government had been very sensible when deciding to hike the price we would not 1)suffer huge spike in Inflationary rates, 2)continuously revising the prices 3)paying rebates on road tax, 4)increasing transportation charges, and 3)letting buses to add surcharges to the fares .

However, the amount is still high compared to my calculation as we are still paying premiums:
The last revision
Global Oil Price : USD104 per barrel
Retail Petrol Price : RM2.45 (reduction of 10sen)

Global Oil Price : USD85 per barrel (14/10/2008; 7.00pm)
104 - 85 = 19 equivalent to 18.27% drop
Therefore, 2.45 - 18.27% = 2.45 - 0.45 = RM2.00.

The government cut only 15sen to RM2.30, thus we are still paying a premium of 30 sen to Petronas and indirectly taxed by the government cos' the profit made by Petronas will be paid as dividend/royalty to the government. The money will then falls into the hands of cronies via govt. contracts etc.

I don't care who will lead Malaysia, as long as they should be transparent and honest.

Rumah Terbuka

Rumah terbuka yang dibuat oleh DSAI tak de pun insiden yang tak diingini, tapi rumah terbuka Kabinet jadi kecoh. Ini lah perbezaan antara "keikhlasan" tuan rumah dan penerimaan orang ramai.

Rumah terbuka sepatutnya bebas untuk semua tetamu, dah namanya "rumah terbuka". Adakah wajib bila hadiri rumah terbuka tu kena pergi salam dengan semua VIP atau VVIP. Nak kena beratur pulak tu masa bersalam.

Bukankah namanya rumah terbuka, sepatutnyalah bebas tetamu dan tuan rumah untuk bercampur gaul bak kata orang putih, "to mingle around". PM dan bini tercegat salam dengan orang aje takde datang meja ke meja berbual dengan rakyat. Dah tu VVIP duduk meja khas, ape hal? Sepatutnya di Hari Raya takde status VIP atau VVIP atau orang biasa. Semuanya sama.

Kata negara kita negara demokrasi, tapi kenapa orang yang datang pakai tshirt, "Free RPK" kena soalsiasat. Salah ke? Suka hati orang lah nak pakai baju apapun, asalkan menutup aurat oklah.

Pada saya bukan sahaja Hindraf yang tak menghormati majlis bahkan Pak Lah dan kuncu-kuncunya pun tak menghormati hari raya yang mulia. Kalau datang raya pun tak semestinya nak jumpa semua Menteri, nak salam kena beratur, dahlah nak makan pun kena beratur jugak, nak masuk dewan pun beratur jugak, nak keluar pun beratur jugak, masa banyak yang terbuang.

Kan lebih mudah buat kat tempat lapang dan terbuka bawah khemah, barulah betul konsep rumah terbuka, no vip status semua sama. Kalau ada nak demonstrasi, biak pi kat depa. Tak payah kecoh-kecoh...

Tarikh PM Baru???

Ha ada lagi tarikh baru! DSAI amat mengharap untuk menjadi PM yang baru. Dulu sebelum Aidilfitri, sekarang ni sebelum Aidiladha pulak, DSAI buat gempak lagi.

Kenapa tak panggil je buat undi tak percaya kat Parlimen semalam, kan kerja senang. Hari itu masa Parlimen cuti, DSAI mintak Pak Lah panggil bersidang sebab dah cukup kerusi nak vote BN keluar tapi tak dilayan, sekarang ni dah bersidang tunggu lagi.

Apa sebenar cerita ni, buatkan rakyat pening kepala. Cukuplah kita nak teruskan kehidupan, jangan kerap begini nanti semua orang hilang kepercayaan, lagi susah. Sampai masa tu semua ahli BN akan dihantar keluar negeri kali ini dengan alasan ke Amerika tengok macamana syarikat gergasi bankrap, dah tertangguh lagi nak jadi PM. Bukan tak tahu orang BN ni kelam kabut, tapi bila dah lepas mereka dengan bangga menuduh DSAI menipu. Sekarang ni Pak Lah pun kata nonsense, tapi hari tu nampak kelam kabut, la ni pun dia apa peduli, dia nak beri kat Najib, apa-apa hal Najib tanggunglah sendiri. Pak Lah akan pencen.

Kalau kerap berjanji tapi tak ditunai orang akan mula rasa meluat. Kalau nak tukar, terus je buat tak payah beri tarikh.

Monday, October 13, 2008

PMR examination

Today is the start of "Peperiksaan Menengah Rendah" (PMR) examination for form three students. My daughter studying at a full boarding school are sitting for her papers this whole week.

To my daughter, do all your best, we know you can do it.

Your mom and abah will always pray for you. Remember Allah always and ask for his guidance and don't forget to salawat.

After each paper, never ever discuss your answers with your friends or teachers or refer to books, it might depress you, just concentrate on the next paper.

Study Smart not Hard...

Melaka oh Melaka

Kerajaan negeri Melaka adalah kerajaan yang paling lawak sekali, itupun KM dia ada hati nak jadi Timb Presiden.

Lawak pertama:
Kasihan negeri Melaka, takde ke anak kelahiran Melaka yang layak menjadi Yang di Pertua Negeri, impot bekas ahli politik yang dah tamat tempoh. Mana dia Datuk Wira-Datuk Wira yang telah banyak berjasa kepada negeri Melaka seperti bekas Ketua Pengarah Pelajaran atau tokoh-tokoh veteran negeri.

Lawak kedua:
Sekarang ni pulak bagi Datuk kat Shah Rukh Khan, kenapa dah takde ke anak Melaka yang layak? Apakah kerana DSRK menari dan berlakon ramailah pelancong dari India nak datang menari dan berlakon kat Malaysia. kalau beri kat produser filem takpe juga sebab dia yang bawak DSRK datang bukan sebaliknya.

Alasan si Ali kerana jasa DSRK berlakun dan menari dalam filem bollywood yang ada latarbelakang Malaysia, ada KLCC tah apa-apa lagi. Kalau setakat menari dan berlakon apa ada hal, dulu masa Sean Connery dengan Zeta Jones belakun dalam "Entrapment" kat KLCC dan tunjuk gambar Kampung Morten berlatar KLCC, kenapa tak bagi dia orang Datuk?

Lepas tu Anna & the King lagi pulak 100% dibuat di Malaysia, Chow Yun Fatt dan Jodie Foster bila nak dapat Datuk? Lagi pulak dua-dua ni filem Hollywood yang ditonton oleh seluruh dunia. Filem Anna & the King tu di calunkan pulak untuk Anugerah Academy...

Kalau Filem Taiwan atau Hong Kong lagi berlambak pelakon dia orang datang Malaysia buat filem dan berlakon. Lebih awal lagi, Jackie Chan pun pernah berlakon kat Malaysia tapi tak pernah pulak dapat sebarang pingat.

Ini mesti kerana bini dia orang ni minat sangat kat DSRK terpaksalah si laki tunaikan.

Satu hal pulak tu untuk sampaikan pingat tu ada majlis khas untuk dia, siapa yang akan keluar belanja. Banyak istimewa dia tu, orang kita ha kau ambik ramai-ramai.

Wahai orang Melaka nasib kamulah "bukit" bukan Melayu punya, "tanjung" pun bukan melayu punya. Pantai habis dah di tambaknya, apa lagi yang ada. Padang pahlawan dah jadi shopping kompleks. Masjid kat tengah pulau tanah tambak, tapi jauh dari sebarang bangunan lain.

Oil Prices USD80/barrel

Global Oil Prices still trading around USD80/barrel.

Cannot wait until Friday for the price reduction of petrol and diesel.

And please not just 10 sen but back to RM1.92 per litre or at least RM2 per litre.

Malaysian Economy

The Parliament convened today after the Puasa and Hari Raya holiday. And today will see the debate on the National 2009 Budget tabled by Pak Lah before the Parliament was adjourned but now Najib will take the role of Finance Minister. It would be a very awkward position for Najib, instead he should have asked for time to revamp the Budget to suit his administration and also to integrate recent developments of the global economy.

Najib should not have been harping around that Malaysian economy is sound and strong without any backing up of facts or any promise to study the impact of the economic turmoil in US and the United kingdom.

Directly, Malaysia will not have any substantial impact due to the non-involvement of our local banks with the US Subprime issues. But any meltdown in US will indirectly impact our trade especially US is our major export market. Some may argue we had reduced the US dependency and export more to Asean Nation, but my dear readers, the bulk of our exports to Singapore is actually a rewrapping, reboxing of our product to the US. Even our trade with China and Japan will end up in the US soil and traded in US dollars.

Singapore is the first Asian nation to announced economic recession. Largely they are very dependent on their US trade partners, the bulk of export is to US. And without any natural resources, Singapore depend largely on their Asean friends for raw materials and manufacturing industries.

A slowdown in US economy; subprime crisis: housebuyers unable to service their debts, credit crunch: investment houses involved in the subprime investment are suffering and requires high injections while Lehman Brothers gone broke. Firms that previously known with capitals many times larger than Malaysian external reserves are suffering huge losses and in dire need of new capital injections.

Najib should take precaution of this situation.

Bursa Malaysia suffers a huge meltdown, now the composite index falling way below 1000 levels where it had revel early of the year. All the other global exchanges had dipped very, very low, while Bursa was very laggard mainly due to its illiquid position, or else many Malaysian would have again suffered like in 1996-1997 meltdown.

We are the major exporter of semiconductors, electrical and electronic product to US, the slowdown of the industry in US will definitely impact our export figures.

The high flying commodity prices; oil, palm oil and rubber are showing signs of slowing down. Another setback to our export figure.

On the other hand imports will be more expensive as price of rice remain high and the inflationary pressure suffered by our trading partners and neighbouring nation.

We need somebody who is very strong in economic background to advise the government. Even if Najib truly an economic graduate, I don't think he has the experience as he was roped into politic immediately after graduation when his father passed away. May I suggest an Economic panel comprising of high profile economist in the nation and no cronies please.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Oil Price below USD80/barrel

Oil Prices now is below USD80 per barrel. At the time of writing - 9.30 pm Malaysian Time (+8 gmt) Oct 12 2008 - the oil price is USD79.84 per barrel. Click here

Way, way below the USD104 per barrel when the Malaysian government announced the retail petrol price at RM2.45 per litre.

I am Calling for Pak Lah - the outgoing PM, Najib the DPM cum Finance Minister and Shahrir the Consumer Minister to reduce the retail petrol price immediately to the previous level of RM1.92 per litre and to immediately abolish the 30% surcharge on bus fares.

We should not be susidising Petronas and we are fed up of being indirectly taxed for our fuel usage.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Datuk Shah Rukh Khan?

Apakah nilai Kurniaan Datuk sekarang ini?

Apakah jasa Shah Rukh Khan kepada Melaka, apatah lagi kepada Malaysia?

Pelik amat pelik, pelakun dan penyanyi negara India yang tak pernah menyumbangkan apa-apa bakti kepada rakyat Malaysia dikurniakan Datuk. Ramai lagi rakyat Malaysia yang layak. Tak faham, tak faham. Sekarang ni pun budak baru umur 20an pun dah dapat gelaran Datuk. Pergi kutub dapat Datuk, panjat gunung dapat Datuk naik kapal keliling dunia dapat Datuk, berenang Selat Inggeris dapat Datuk.

Dah terlalu ramai Datuk, kalau di KLCC tu agaknya kalau buat pengumuman supaya semua Datuk & Datin (tak kisahlah Datuk ke, Dato' ke, Datuk Seri ke, Datuk Panglima ke, Datuk Wira ke dan ape-ape Datuk lah kecuali datok kerana cucu) berkumpul secara spontan, gerenti penuh concourse KLCC.

Sekarang ni pelakon pun ada Datuk, macam Aziz Sattar, Yahya Sulong, Daud Kilau, bila pulak Badul, Amy Search atau Nash akan dapat Datuk? Kalau M. Nasir Datuk oklah juga, banyak jasa pada industri muzik.

Datuk-Datuk jangan marah tapi sedarkah Datuk-Datuk sekalian jika dah terlalu ramai dapat Datuk, gelaran ini dah tak eksklusif lagi, apatah lagi orang yang tak layak pun ada gelaran Datuk!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Global Oil below USD83/barrel

Enough about Pak Lah and his power transition. The old man already agreed to step down by March 2009.

It is now about our retail fuel price. We are still paying a high premium. The current global crude oil price is now at USD82.66/barrel (click here), way, way below the USD104/barrel when they announced the reduction to RM2.45.

Why do we have to wait until end of the month. Global stock market are suffering including our bursamalaysia suffers large drop below 1000 level. To spur the growth, cut fuel price, thus consumer will have more cash in hand and instead of spending on petrol we could help the domestic consumption. In turn higher domestic consumption we can drive our GDP growth.

Shahrir please buck up, lower the fuel price now. with the current global crude oil price, my calculation the retail petrol price should be RM2.00/litre.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Good Bye Pak Lah

It is confirmed Pak Lah is leaving, good for him and good for everybody. At least he acknowledge that he is no longer needed after the bad performance of the last general election and the PP by-election.

He should have retired immediately and have nice, long sleep and concentrate on his wife and grandchildren, leaving all the burden of reviving Umno's glory to Najib to settle and also let Najib face DSAI, rather than losing sleep just to please the son, son-in-law and personal advisor. They are all grown up and should fend for themselves.

Like I said yesterday, a lot people will be dissapointed. All close relative definitely will and all a**licker, like the one yesterday morning carrying placards at his residence and PWTC, while few weeks ago several malay NGOs led by Senator Jins had call for Pak Lah to stay and at the same time condemning TSMY.

Are we sure Najib will not bungle? Will the first-lady in waiting actually run the nation? Wait! don't be too happy, what about Pakatan Rakyat's intention to topple BN?

Anyway, Pak lah made a record and it should be recorded in the Malaysian Guiness Book of Record for 1. leading BN to the highest victory in GE2004 and 2. Being the leader with the smallest BN majority in history for GE2008. 3. The only PM got married while in office. 4. The shortest tenure as PM?

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Saat dinanti

Ramai ternanti-nanti keputusan Pak Lah hari ini, bertanding atau tidak.

Dari riaksi ahli Umno, terutama Ali, Zahid & Jazlan, macam Pak lah akan berundur, tetapi mesyuarat sampai pagi malam tadi macam ada perancangan terbaru aje.

Apakah tindakan terakhir penyokong-pnyokong kuat Pak Lah akan lakukan untuk memastikan Pak lah terus memegang jawatan Presiden. Muhyidin pun macam tak yakin 50-50 aje, hingga tak nak declare lagi bertanding jawatan apa.

Berat betul Pak lah nak lepaskan jawatan Presiden Umno @PM ni. mana tidak, kontrak-kontrak banyak belum diluluskan... terlopong lah Scomi, Dewina, ECM Libra, dan terkandas lah cita-cita budak tingkat 4 nak jadi PM termuda.

Pada congakan saya ramai yang hampa...

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Rebut Timb Presiden UMNO

Tak sabar-sabar berebut-rebut menawarkan diri untuk menjadi calun Timbalan Presiden UMNO. Ali Rustam, Zahid Hamidi dan Jazlan. Ada lagi tapi yang lebih matang akan menunggu pengumuman Pak Lah dulu takut nanti dikata langkah "bendul".

Confirmkah Pak Lah tak bertanding?

Ali baru tadbir salah satu negeri yang terkecil tu pun nak tonjol diri, apa perubahan/kemajuan yang dah di buat untuk negeri Melaka? Kalau setakat pindah "Eye on Malaysia" jadi "Eye on Melaka", siapa yang dapat faedah. Pantai habis di tambaknya jadi shopping kompleks. Kalau setakat bina pusat beli belah aje, rakyatnya masih takuk lama apa guna.

Zahid "mat rempit cc besar" Hamidi, bercita-cita tinggi nak jadi TP. Dulu pernah kena tangkap bersekongkol ngan DSAI, masuk ISA. Sekarang pandai dah cakap bab agama, jadi Menteri agama. Tak usahlah tonjol imej "Mr Clean", orang semua dah tahu.

Jazlan, anak Tok Mat ni pun dah nak jadi TP Umno. Bercita-cita besar atau jadi proksi? Tok Mat dulu pun tak merasa jadi sekarang ni giliran anak pulak. Tapi, it is not a bad idea.

Jika Umno benar-benar mahukan perubahan mereka perlukan young blood, fresh ideas. Kekalahan Umno dalam PRU12 yang lalu berpunca dari pengundi muda seperti Jazlan yang mahukan perubahan dan suara orang muda di dengari.

Golongan seperti Jazlan adalah diperlukan, pada saya Pemuda UMNO dah tak releven sebab diterajui oleh orang tua lebih 40 tapi mengaku "pemuda" dan juga Timbalannya yang terlalu kemaruk kuasa bercita-cita besar nak jadi PM termuda, hingga tak menghiraukan perjuangan sebenar Umno tapi lebih pentingkan "survival" diri sendiri. Semenjak DHTH ambil alih Pemuda, seolah-olah kehilangan taring, balik-balik menghunus keris ke udara. Itu saja...

Sejak PRU12 yang lalu apa perubahan atau pembaharuan yang telah Umno laksanakan untuk menarik balik minat pengundi?

Kalau setakat menyerang peribadi pembangkang, itu tindakan kebudak-budakan. Tunjukkanlah dengan kemajuan dan usaha memahami "grassroot". Ini pergi ambik tindakan ISA, api-apikan isu perkauman, lontar molotov koktel, tak "cool" lah macam tu.

Oil Price below USD89/barrel

Latest Crude Oil Price is below USD89 per barrel.

Still waiting for Pak Lah or Shahrir to announced reduction in retail fuel price. Cannot wait until end of the month.

As at writing time the price is at USD88.65/barrel, click here for latest updates.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Crude Oil Price USD91.99/barrel

The crude oil price is now at USD91.99/barrel click here for updates, but Malaysian retail fuel price is still expensive at RM2.45/litre. as i mentioned before we, Malaysian are paying a premium for our fuel, while Petronas is enjoying a huge profit from it and we are subsidizing Petronas and Malaysian government indirectly, as if we are being tax for our fuel usage.

The government is in dilemma because of their mistake in hiking up the price of fuel and after a lot of furor giving out rebates on road tax. They can't just simply revoke the rebates as car owners yet to claim the rebate will protest. The rebates is already hurting the government pocket.

The global crude oil price is getting lower and lower but we have to wait for end of the month cabinet meeting to know whether we will get lower petrol price.

Passing of a friend

Yesterday, my friend Mohamed Uzir Suleiman passed away aged 47 years old.

I have known him since 1996 when I joined BSN Commercial Bank. We only got closed after he left and joined PNB as Senior Analyst. He frequently called for ideas, opinions and information and sometimes we had business lunch together. But our contact stopped after he left to join AmGroup. He made me promise not to tell anyone where his current workplace.

He was a nice person. It was a great shock to hear about his departure. "Inna lillah wa inna lillahirajiun..." From Allah we came and to Him we return.

Semoga Allah mencucuri rahmat keatas rohnya dan penderitaan yang ditanggungnya dibalas dengan kesejahteraan di akhirat.


Nostalgia: Aidilfitri

Today is the 6th day of Syawal, Welcome back to work after the Hari Raya break.

Hari Raya nowadays are as grand as years ago probably more in spending but less in terms of human interaction. It is no longer a thrill for my children to wear new clothes for the Raya as they can always get a new clothe any time of the year. Contrary to my early days as the second youngest with 11 brothers and sisters, new clothes and shoes are a luxury we treasured once a year. With a disciplinarian father, we are not allowed to try the attire until the morning of the 1st Syawal. During Ramadan we can only peek into the box when Abah is not around. It was a thrill to show off to our friends during our Raya round.

Remembered in the early 70s when Beatle's boot was the hype, I managed to coaxed my mum to buy one for me. I never had a chance to wear jeans until I was 17 I bought "fruits of looms" with money collected from Raya. My late Abah was strictly against wearing jeans as he calls them yankee's clothings. I bought my own first Levi's when i was in the sixth form from money saved over the years. Being the younger siblings is an advantage for me, especially when most of my elder brothers and sisters were already working and was very generous come Raya time.

Life was not hard but we don't have the luxury of what most urban kids now enjoy.

Anyway, now I don't really looking forward to Hari Raya, once I knew the importance of Ramadhan. It is a month full of opportunity for Muslim to collect as much "pahala" as we can. Even a simple good deed will be multiplied compared to other month. Now I can't wait for next year's Ramadhan.

Saturday, September 27, 2008


Wishing all Muslim readers "Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri" and to non-Muslim, a happy holidays.

I will be traveling to my hometown in Johor Bahru probably before "subuh" to avoid traffic congestion and the day-time heat. I will be celebrating at my mom's place.

I may not be able to blog during the period due to unavailability of internet at my mom's place, this is what i always miss if i have to balik kampung...

To those i had wronged, I beg your forgiveness...


Friday, September 26, 2008

Bad Economic Management

What are the impacts of reducing 10 sen from retail petrol price?

The answer is probably very minimal, marginal and limited.

The damaged has been done, the Malaysian government made the worst blunders in history by increasing the petrol price by 78sen (40%) in June 2008, the highest hike in Malaysian history. Makes me wonder whether the government had made any studies at all before making such decision. An opinion from well experienced economist should be lauded. It is definitely a disaster if he ask that ambitious fourth floor boy from OxCam.

The impact of such a huge increase in petrol price has given us the highest upsurge in Consumer Price Index (CPI) or inflation rates to 7.7% for June, 8.5% each for July and August 2008 from just 3.8% in May. The major component of CPI are Food and Transport, both combined made up 45% of CPI. It shows the cost of food and transport had bloated so high and had a drastic impact on consumers, meaning we the "rakyat" of Malaysia will have to fork out more for food and other necessities.

Traders immediate reaction was to increase all prices, regardless of its relation with fuel. All prepared food saw a drastic hike and transportation fares increased substantially. And worst of all, these increase are irreversible, it will remain at this level.

Indirectly higher fuel price will impact on manufacturers, constructions, housing developers. And they in turn will pass the burden to the end users, the consumers, house buyers, people like you and me.

The introduction of road tax rebates and cash offers will just increase the cost the government had to borne. That money comes from the "rakyat" also, from taxpayers coffer.

How many times PM reduced the fuel price, or any decision to revert back to the level before June's hike, the damaged had been done; prices of items increased during the period will stay.

The recent reduction was just a sweetener for his waning popularity and timed pre-"Hari Raya" holiday. While the earlier reduction just to garner Permatang Pauh support. But both act failed to please because Malaysians are not stupid except among his a**-licker.

PM is a failure as Finance Minister. His sociology and anthropology background is of no help. He should stick to be a civil servant or join the diplomatic field where he is well fit.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

10 sen only!!!?

What, only 10 sen reduction in retail petrol price.

A "kedekut" government. Petrol price only reduce to RM2.45 from 2.55/litre.

So blame it on the Cabinet...

Petrol price

This morning Global crude oil traded at USD106.79/barrel, far below from USD136/barrel when PM announced retail petrol hike to RM2.70.

Today, the Cabinet will be discussing on the petrol price, why PM can't decide on his own or maybe "takut" to make a decision, so that that the blame can be directed at all cabinet members.

Earlier, PM had hinted a reduction of 15sen but that was too small compared to the quantum of reduction of the Global Crude Oil from USD136 to USD106, equivalent to 22% reduction. Therefore a fair price should be around RM2.10/litre still retaining the 30 sen discount.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

RPK dianiaya

Sekarang ini kita ada Maha Zalim yang baru, di hari yang mulia di bulan Ramadhan al Mubarak, pada 10 hari terakhir dimana orang berlumba-lumba buat amal ibadat, tapi si Al-Bab telah menganiaya RPK dengan menghantarnya ke Kamunting untuk 2 tahun.

Aidilfitri hanya tinggal 6 hari lagi kasihan anak-anak RPK tidak dapat berhari raya dengan bapanya. Jika benar RPK telah menghina Islam tunjukkanlah dimana salahnya? Islam tidak pernah membenarkan penahanan tanpa sebab yang kukuh.

Dakwa RPK di mahkamah dan kita lihat dimana hinaan yang dikatakan oleh Al-Bab.

Ingatlah bahawa Allah itu Maha Adil, jika RPK di pihak yang benar, Al-Bab akan menerima balasannya kelak, mana tahu sekarang ini balasannya tunai didunia lagi. Dan sebaliknya jika RPK yang bersalah.

Jangan ingat hidup kita ini selalu di atas, hidup ini ada naik dan turun, bak kata pepatah "jika memandang ke langit jangan lupa tanah di bumi".

Campurtangan siasatan BPR

PM perlu disiasat berdasarkan dakwaan Raymond Tan bahawa beliau pernah campurtangan dalam siasatan BPR terhadap Yong Teck Lee dan menghalang penangkapan Yong.

Statement Raymond Tan ini perlu diambil serius kerana melibatkan ketelusan kerajaan dan keyakinan rakyat terhadap PM dan Agensi Kerajaan. Ini adalah kredibiliti PM "cakap tak serupa bikin"

Jalan Kuching Traffic

This morning the traffic at Jalan Kuching was terrible. At first I thought there might be some rally or something is happening in the City center, or maybe a massive accident. But as we inched further, roadwork contractor are still doing their work at 7 am, closing two lanes out of four, while everybody was rushing to work. What made it worst was that almost every Muslims during this fasting month are coming early to work so that they can leave early.

Why are they still working at peak hours, DBKL must make a rule and ensure that all contractors must clear their roadwork by 6am to avoid inconveniencing motorists coming to work.

Furthermore, i observed that the rules for heavy vehicles at Jalan Kuching are not properly observed. Several heavy vehicles just drive on without any enforcement authority stopping them.

Heavy Vehicles are not allowed to ply jalan Kuching between 7am to 9am and 4pm to 6pm. to avoid clash of traffic between heavy and smaller vehicles. The rules was introduced probably more than 20 years ago when Jalan Kuching was upgraded. Over the years office hours had changed several times especially during the evening. Governments office first shifts ends at 4.30pm while second shifts at 5pm. Banks and corporate companies office hours ends at 5.45 while several companies at 5.30pm and some as late as 6pm.

Thus, the rules for Heavy Vehicles plying Jalan Kuching should be revised from 4pm-6pm to 4.30pm-7pm to avoid any untoward incidents on smaller vehicles especially motorcycles.

It is timely for DBKL or any authority to look into this before any mishap.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Melayu & Utusan

Nampaknya ahli-ahli Umno lebih taksub untuk memperjuangkan ketuanan Melayu sedangkan ramai yang tunjuk besar kepala ini bukannya sebenar-benar berketurunan orang Melayu contohnya keturunan mamak atau arab yang bermula dengan syed, sheikh atau yang bernama akhirnya al-attas dan "al-bab". Dan mereka ini juga lah yang lebih-lebih. Bagaimana mereka di kategori Melayu pun entah tak tahu...

Tak pelah tapi bukankah lebih baik jika kita memperjuangkan Islam.

Kita lihat saja, di bulan Puasa mereka berbohong, menabur fitnah, memburukkan orang lain, mencerca dan mengaibkan orang lain. Ini di bulan Ramadhan, bulan yang sepatutnya dipenuhi dengan amal ibadat dan berbaik-baik sesama insan tanpa mengira latarbelakang masing-masing, tetapi mereka masih taksub untuk memburukkan orang lain.

Lagi satu apa punya Utusan Malaysia lah dia pulak lagi pandai suruh buat "lie detector test" kat Teresa Kok? Apa punya surat khabar le, kalau ada bukti siarkan lah, tunjukkan di mahkamah, kalau setakat dengar fitnah orang lain apa nak jadi. Tak sedarkah hukuman keatas orang yang mengeluarkan fitnah.

Berbaik-baiklah dengan kaum lain, mereka ini makhluk Allah jua dan hayatilah tafsiran (jangan memandai buat tafsiran sendiri guna logik tapi tafsiran dari para Ulamak dan Aulia) sebenar yang terdapat dalam surah Al-Kafiruun...

Friday, September 19, 2008

Teresa bebas

Teresa dah keluar, Khir Toyo bila pulak nak masuk?

RPK bila pulak nak di keluarkan, raya dah dekat ni, hari baik bulan baik ini bermaaf-maafan udah le! RPK pun nak beraya dengan anak bini dia.

Kenapa semuanya masa orang sibuk nak sembahyang jumaat, polis-polis ni tak sembahyang ke? RPK kena tangkap pukul 1.10 tengahari, Teresa bebas pukul 1 tengahari...

Harga minyak

Harga baru petrol & diesel hanya akan di umumkan pada 30 September, sehari sebelum Hari Raya. Takkan lah tak ada simpati pada orang ramai sikit pun. Apalah salahnya beri penurunan tu awal sikit supaya dapatlah rakyat Malaysia ni yang nak balik kampung tu ada extra money dalam poket, meriah lah sikit raya.

Bagi pada malam raya, orang semua dah pun balik kampung...

Jadilah kerajaan yang prihatin, barulah orang nak sokong tapi kalau turun pun janganlah setakat 15 sen sebab harga minyak dunia dah turun dibawah USD100/tong. Banyak tu turun berbanding masa announce naik dulu harganya USD136/tong.

Sekurang-kurangnya turunlah kepada RM2/liter untuk petrol. (Anggaran saya dalam artikel yang lebih awal)


As a blogger, I am worried by the recent arrest of several bloggers, RPK, Kickdefella and a few month ago penarikbeca but what really traumatized me yesterday was the announcement by PM that he is taking over the Defense Ministry from DPM. That would make him the sole powerhouse. I am not going to comment further on this issue, for a sensible man would understand the thing he can do with that portfolio in hand and it show his trust on his deputy has also subsided...

I am also baffled why he is so reluctant to meet DSAI, and branding DSAI as what he mentioned... (trying to avoid repeating those unacceptable words). And I also wonder, he claimed that he is unafraid of Anwar's bluffs and gimmick, but why he declined Anwar's proposal to hold a special parliament session.

From my observation, he realised that he is no longer favored by the general public but must hold on to the post for reasons only he himself can explain...

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

16/9 gone

16 September came and gone... what happened?

All BN members are sighing a relief as nothing materialized on that date. Almost every members blamed it as Anwar's bluffs and gimmicks.

Sure, it may be gimmick or bluff, but from their reactions (BN members) it shows that they panicked by sending BN's MPs overseas and split when several oppositions followed up in Taiwan. Arresting a blogger, a journalist and a MP under ISA to scare off other bloggers and journalists.

Leading to 16/9 several issues jolted the Nation like TSMY statements, TDM says he may rejoin soon, Zaid resignation, Sanglang state seat confirmed won by PAS, Manir petition rejected...

But don't discount yet on the ability of the opposition to spring another surprise...

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Malaysia

Happy Birthday Malaysia, 16 September 1963, the formation of Malaysia after the addition of Sabah and Sarawak.

In Remembrance Today 26 years ago


To our fellow Muslims at Sabra and Shatila Camp massacred by militias supported and sponsored by the Israeli. Today, 26 years ago, 16 September 1982, thousands of helpless and unarmed Muslims - men, women, children, young and old were murdered, slaughtered, raped, ravished, brutalized.

Petrol RM2.03 per litre

Crude oil prices is trading at USD92.30 per barrel but our retail price for petrol & diesel remain unchanged at RM2.55 and RM2.50 respectively.

Why Pak Lah? We the rakyat are suffering while Petronas is making huge profit or are we suppose to subsidize the government budget deficit?

Look at the damage Pak Lah and his cronies has done, bus fares up by 30% during this festive seasons. Bus operators are already enjoying highly subsidized diesel and reduced toll rates but they are allowed to charged higher on passengers.

Inflation rates is currently very, very high, please reduce the retail price of this two black gold.

Base on my assumption the cost of Petrol should be:
USD136/barrel - USD92/barrel = USD44; equivalent to drop of 32.35%
therefore RM3 - 32.35% = RM3 - 97sen = RM2.03

Our petrol retail price should be RM2.03 before 30 sen discount.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Salute Zaid

I salute Zaid Ibrahim,

He walk the talk...

No Minister has done this before... standup to your principlesl and resign...

countdown to Sept 16

Less than 10 hours to September 16, will someone be losing his sleep tonight?

Less than 10 hours the countdown has begun, but what is happening?

Tomorrow, a new PM?

Or is this just a ploy to test the current government.

We have to wait...

the time is ticking.....

Sokong tindakan TSMY

Buat pertama kalinya saya menyokong tindakan TSMY yang berani menyuarakan pendapatnya dan pendapat orang ramai yang tidak puashati dengan tempoh peralihan kuasa.

Malangnya ada ramai kaki bodek yang tidak senang dengan tindakan yang berdasarkan amalan demokrasi TSMY ini. DSRY & KJ dalam akhbar hari ini kata "wrong to seek PM's resignation", Helo brother takkan tak boleh nak bersuara, kata amalkan sistem demokrasi.

Hak rakyat melantik siapa PM bukannya boleh main pindah-pindah ikut sukahati, 'lepas gua nanti lu pulak jadi PM', mana boleh macam tu. Budak Ingusan KJ tu pun semua orang tau, tu Bapak Mertua dia. Bila dia suruh pecat tu tak salah ke, itu hak PM. Bukan semua keputusan kabinet atau MT Umno itu 100% betul.

Pak Lah mesti menghadapi realiti, dia mesti di beritahu secara jujur dan ikhlas apa pandangan di bawah, janganlah sekat maklumat kepadanya semata-mata kerana periuk nasi masing-masing. Jangan takut bila kena cabar...

DSN sendiri pun tak berani nak komen dan serahkan pada kebijaksanaan ahli Umno nampak sangat duduk atas pagar, "ditelan mati bapak, diluah mati emak", sokong kena pecat, bangkang hilang popular.

Dan jika Pak Lah mengambil tindakan keatas TSMY, maka itulah titik mula............

Langkah Terdesak?

Apakah ini langkah-langkah pemimpin yang terdesak? Tertanya dalam fikiran apakah pemimpin negara sekarang ini sedang buntu fikiran dan hanya memikirkan "survivality" untuk terus memegang kuasa? Melaksanakan I.S.A yang berat sebelah, menghantar MP keluar negeri.

Kenapa panik dengan 16 September? Kenapa backbencher lari dari Taiwan lebih awal dan berpecah ke Hong Kong dan Eropah bila PKR kesana?

Kenapa mesti takut dengan ura-ura pengambil alihan kerajaan oleh DSAI & PKR bila kita tak tahu ianya benar atau tidak akan berlaku pada 16 September.

Kuasa masih ditangan BN, teruskan saja seperti biasa bak kata orang inggeris "Business As Usual" (B.A.U.), sehinggalah perkara itu terjadi. Kami rakyat biasa tak peduli semua itu yang penting hidup kami aman dan B.A.U.

Abuse of I.S.A.

Thank god, they released the journalist, but I was really dumbfounded by Syed Hamid's reason that her life was in danger and police had to detain her under ISA. WTF, is he talking about?

If she is in danger, why ISA. Perhaps the police can put her under 24 hour surveillance and to protect her? What about her right or her families right to meet during the detention.

I also read somewhere in today's newspaper that SH claimed he was unaware of the ISA arrest, again WTF, who has the authority to sign the ISA arrest orders. He is the Minister, don't tell me deputy IGP since IGP is on medical leave, or ordered by Pak Lah, in both instances shows SH is just sitting there and the last person to know anything. In that case I also want to become Menteri, every month "dapat gaji" and allowances.

Now, not only the opposition are disputing the act, even the Ministers and several BN component parties are disputing the action. Is our national security under threat? NO.

The act is totally outrageous as the person who made seditious remarks in public are not arrested but the person reporting it were being detained and another without factual document scott-free instead the MP who merely received a c.c. copy of request to reduce the sound from the mosque was detained.

This is totally bias, I agree with statements made by Zaid and the Associtaion of Former BN MPs (Mubarak) on this issue that the authority must not be biased on their action and ISA is only when National Security is at risk.

Friday, September 12, 2008

R.P.K. in I.S.A.

It is sad to hear RPK had been arrested under ISA, on the other hand the person who almost brought Malaysia into a chaos with his seditious remark are Free with only a slap on the wrist.

Double standard still persist...

Oil Price nears USD100 per barrel

Global Crude Oil Price is nearing USD100/barrel, but when will Malaysian government revise our retail petrol and diesel prices?

We are paying a premium for our petrol and diesel, meaning that we are subsidizing Petronas to make a higher profit and in turn pay higher dividend to the government and then the government can spend on mega projects among their own cronies of contractors and suppliers.

I wrote several articles on this issue:
  • July 16 Petroleum profit
  • July 24 Inflation rate 7.7%
  • July 25 Petrol Price
  • July 30 Oil Price Below USD121/barrel
  • Aug 15 Oil Price Below USD113/barrel
  • Aug 21 Retail Petrol Price
Based on my calculation our retail petrol price should be:
136-101=35; 25.74% drop; therefore RM3.00-25.74% = RM2.23/litre
(USD136/barrel; current price USD101/barrel; actual costs of petrol RM3/litre)

My calculation was based on the government's claim at the time when they increase the price of petrol to RM2.70/litre they gave a discount 30 sen off from the actual costs of the petrol (RM3.00/litre). And the price was increased when the global crude oil price was at USD136/barrel.

Therefore based on my simple & stupid calculation oil price should be at RM2.23 or RM1.93/litre after a 30 sen discount. Thus we are only 1 sen higher than before the hike in June. So all along actually we are not really subsidized instead we are paying higher premium.

So ask Pak Lah bila nak buat announcement to cut the price?

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Bulan Ramadhan ini mintalah kepada semua berbaik-baik, bagi orang Islam jagalah tutur kata, adalah lebih mulia jika kita sebagai orang Islam untuk menghulurkan tangan dan bukan sahaja berbaik-baik sesama Islam bahkan dengan kaum-kaum lain di Malaysia ini.

Yang mana dah terlanjur kata tu mintalah maaf, pahalanya lebih besar dari menunjukkan keras kepala melawan cakap ketua, menuding jari menyalahkan orang lain, mengeluarkan kata-kata kesat.

"Dunia in adalah tempat tumpangan semata-mata, akhiratlah jua yang kekal selama-lamanya" ungkapan yang seringkali kita dengar ketika khutbah solat Jumaat. Itupun bagi yang hadir, Manalah tahu ada yang tak pernah bersolat Jumaat.

Mengapa mendabik dada kononnya akulah pejuang ketuanan Melayu tetapi sebaliknya hendaklah kita merendah diri dan ingat bahawa Allah Taala yang maha Berkuasa. Berjuang atas prinsip Assabiyah tak kemana. Tetapi jika berjuang di landasan menegakkan agama Islam itulah yang akan menjamin kita di akhirat kelak.

Melayu juga bukan pribumi asal Malaysia, kita ini campuran dari nusantara, asal-usul Melayu terdiri dari Bugis, Jawa, Minang, Aceh, Boyan dan sebagainya yang datang berhijrah dari tanah asal seperti Sulawesi, Kepulauan Jawa, Sumatera dan lain-lain. Melayu pribumi di Semenanjung Tanah Melayu ini sebenarnya ialah Senoi, Semang dan Proto-Malay yang terdiri dari suku Semai, Jakun, Temuan, Temiar dan banyak lagi. Inilah Melayu sebenar.

Ada juga yang berasal dari India datang sebagai saudagar dan dari Tanah Arab yang berdagang atau mengajar agama yang telah berkahwin dengan orang tempatan, beranak, bercucu disini dan paras rupanya pun dah macam orang tempatan lalu mengaku sebagai orang Melayu. Contohnya keturunan kutty dari India, Manakala Syed dan Syeikh dari Parsi dan Arab.

Terimalah keadaan seadanya, bekerja bersama dan yang penting berusaha dan jangan harapkan bantuan kerajaan sahaja, sampai bila nak berharap pada DEB?