Monday, June 30, 2008

Ezam accepted into UMNO

Wah! so easy to make a comeback. I thought a few leaders decided to resist his comeback... well, just "cakap belakang saja berani". After 10 years he has been against the government and the allegations he made against the govt, UMNO & BN, now he is back. So easy!

In my humble opinion, it made "somebody" become "uneasy", as it seems it is also a sign of how easy it is to accept "somebody" from outside who is more powerful and influential to make a comeback into the party and take over the top post.

Furthermore, it shows in politics you can change anytime you like, forget about principles, survival matters most... voters? who cares...

Politic getting Hot

A colorful weekend, lately our politics are really getting exciting and hot, just like in the movies; conspiracies, allegations, murders, corrupted leader making a comeback, treason, quitter, party jumping, sacking etc...

But the most hot topic would be the sodomy allegation, and to top it off, it came out when BN is at its weakest - declining majority in recent election, vote of no confidence, lost a seat by court judgment, allegations of criminal involvement, the detention of state political leaders linked with murder, the parliament management ruling upsets journalists and subsequently the latter boycott, the bickering between a minister and the government backbenchers, - while the opposition is strengthening their position.

And looking back the same scenario about ten years ago, everything seems familiar and coincidentally, the situation was financial crisis. It happens in the midst of the rakyat was angry with the fast rising of costs, petrol jumped 78 sen, domino effect on oil price hike - transportation costs, costs of rice almost doubled, inflation is imminent.

So how to divert the people from all above issues... Lu fikirlah sendiri....

Friday, June 27, 2008

RM30bil for 9MP

Its been awhile since i last wrote here, sorry to my readers, i was a bit busy lately.

TheStar 27 June 2008: "RM30bil more - Pak Lah: Spending boost to rising cost of 9MP projects" My god Pak Lah you just cut on oil subsidy, now you spend on 9th Malaysian Plan. Who are in the Malaysian Plan, mostly contractors. And the rising cost of projects, the bulk of it is on building materials, e.g. steel and cement prices. And then who are these contractors? Supporters and sponsors?

Penang's RM1.6bil Monorail project was scrapped but the RM2bil double tracking rail project continues. Why and what is the criteria on the decision? Both are people-centric projects except that one is under government control and the other held by opposition. Can the government provide us with the feasibility studies done on both projects; the expected number of user, the traffic etc. I am sorry to say for Penang people you are not included in the "people-centric" category, even a better road link were being denied. Now only the Sabahans and Sarawakians are the first class "people-centric"; "ask what you want and you get it" (awywaygi); an additional of RM2bil for them.

The Senai-Desaru highways to proceed, how is the traffic? Linking the Senai airport to the Desaru Beach resort is "people-centric"? Well, Penangites, lu fikirlah sendiri...

Personal agenda, empty promises, taking advantages: so by being generous with government coffers means that he is delivering his promises? to who? sponsors & supporters? Why can't we work together, it is for the benefit of the people, the rakyat.

The govt should bear this in mind that "the rakyat vote for the opposition mainly due to fed up with all the bureaucracy, non-transparency, the arrogance & the ignorance of the govt to understand and to acknowledge the voice of the rakyat. He never hears us and I think never will... Of late he always has his own assumption on the rakyat, example, he claims to ease the civil servant burden the govt will introduce twice a month salary without consulting the people especially Cuepacs.

So, my friend lu fikirlah sendiri...

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Parliament Motion

Several newspapers today concluded that if a no confidence vote was tabled in Parliament, BN would easily win it just like yesterday's support for the Consumers Affairs Ministries motion. I hope this is just the papers editors assumptions. I hope Pak Lah would not take the issue lightly.

Sometimes I wonder, loyalty for an Assemblymen/MPs, is it for the sake of the people who vote for them or is it to the party they are aligned to? Are they really voicing the rakyat concern or just follow the leader? Bear in mind that if they go against the government's motion, immediately they will be treated as a traitor. Remember, last time when Chief Backbencher supported a motion by the opposition, he was made to resign his post and apologized to the party! Previously I admired him for his strong principle and wills to go against the leader but now I am skeptical.

Back to my topic, if the no confidence motion was tabled yesterday, there would be a different result, especially from Sabah & Sarawak's MPs. Can they be bought by RM2 or RM3 billion of provision? Can somebody define "political bribery"? If Sabah and Sarawak was given huge sum of money because they won most of BN seats, what about Pahang or Johor?

I hope newspaper editor don't likened the result of yesterday's motion as a show of confidence, there could be some MPs just waiting for the opportunity... you never know what is their game after all they are all politician...

Friday, June 20, 2008

Promise, post, sabotage

Pak Lah oh Pak Lah, it seems that Pak Lah's credibilities are easily challenged compared to the time when Che Det was in power, then nobody dare, even to lift a finger. Both leader contrast in their styles and approach.

Pak Lah should take the hint, the voices are getting bolder and bolder.

It is the habit of typical politicians by making promises that later could not be fulfilled. It is impossible to please everybody. Especially the Ketua Bahagian and senior politician, aspiring to become assemblymen or MPs, given political post or Chairmanship of GLCs was passed over by younger candidates and some even by inexperienced Puteri.

Imagine a Senior Politician (SP) who had been a member for over 20 years; been building his/her political ambition, accumulated a large group of supporters and had spend thousands if not millions Ringgit to please the grassroots, was put aside, instead a younger chap but with strong connection to certain leaders without grassroot support was chosen. I am sure the SP would have promised his supporters some kind of compensation, either in post or in cash if he was chosen. Dissapointment can lead to "sabotage" and leaving the party taking the supporters along.

Three months after general election, no action plan against the election result was announced. And no action on the alleged "saboteurs".

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Bola, Artis, PAS, Islam, Piket

Kenapa ni fasal penyanyi pun nak piket lagi, dah takde kerja ke? Tunjukkanlah kematangan, sekarang ni parti PAS dah pun menjadi sebahagian komponen kerajaan Negeri. Banyak lagi perkara yang patut kita tumpukan. Ini dah jadi macam suasana masa saya belajar dulu. Ramailah kekawan yang aktif dalam pertubuhan islam akan membuat piket tiap kali kalau ada konset di dalam kawasan kampus.

Kalau tak setuju Ella dan siapa sorang lagi... oh ya Mas Idayu kerana pakaian atau tarian bukankah elok kalau ada wakil atau sesiapa yang dapat approach mereka ini dan tazkirahkan mereka atau berikanlah idea bagaimana jadi penyanyi rock tapi masih bertudung, mungkin fesyen yang sesuai boleh diperkenalkan. Gunakanlah cara yang halus berdakwah.

Janganlah ingat jika kita berkuasa, semuanya mesti melalui piket, bantahan umum, memorandum, bukankah cara ini tidak matang. Janganlah terus menilai seseorang secara terburu-buru. Insya-Allah, jika di approach secara baik, terbuka hati mereka untuk menutup aurat dan akan menjadi muslimah yang sejati.

Kita pun tidak ketandusan artis yang aktif dalam dakwah Islam seperti Akhil Hayy, Kump Rabbani, Raihan dan lain-lainnya yang boleh membantu menghampiri orang seperti ini. Kita dah lihat juga ramai artis yang dah berubah kerana dakwah yang betul, contohnya seperti Noorkumalasari dan Ustaz Azmil Mustapha.

Kita ni sebagai manusia perlu ingat-mengingatkan, jika tidak kita akan lalai. Contohnya, kita belajar agama disekolah, itu mungkin 5, 6 atau 10 tahun atau bertahun-tahun yang lalu. Manusia akan lupa jika tiada yang mengingatkan.

Janganlah kita banyak tonjolkan sifat yang agresif dan negatif sebaliknya tunjukkanlah dakwah secara halus yang selama ini dilakukan oleh pendakwah agama lain. Kita sering mempertikai umat islam cenderung kepada dakyah agama lain tetapi kita tak pernah mengambil pengajaran dari setiap kejadian.

Jika konsert itu mengganggu atau melebihi batas waktu solat, maka memang perlu ada bantahan tetapi bukanlah dengan cara piket. Mengapa Konsert anugerah yang bermula dengan karpet Merah pada pukul 7.30 malam tak ada yang membantah? Soalnya bagaimana masa artis-artis yang dah disolekkan setebal seinci, rambut didandan dan baju dihias fesyen pelik-pelik ni mengambil wuduk dan memakai telekung mereka untuk solat maghrib? Artis lelaki pula, cuba kita tanya mereka dimana surau yang terdekat? Janganlah beri alasan "jamak" apa yang mengizinkan jamak dalam hal ini.

Lu fikirlah sendiri...!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Berita Politik di TV

Sejak akhir-akhir ini, berita TV3 nampaknya terlalu condong pada propaganda BN, memburuk-burukkan kerajaan negeri yang diperintah oleh PR. Skrip yang disediakan malah cara menyampai berita juga seolah-olah semua yang di lakukan oleh PR tak betul.

Semalam 16/6, menyiarkan liputan berita 100 hari kerajaan baru Kedah, penyampai berita bukan saja memperlekeh Menteri Besar sebagai tak layak kerana usianya bahkan cuba melaga-lagakan antara parti komponen PKR, mempertikai manifesto yang belum dilaksanakan...

Hari ini, negeri Perak, sama seperti ulasan negeri Kedah.

Tetapi selepas itu, nada bertukar lembut untuk ulasan 100 hari Kerajaan BN.

Jika menonton berita RTM sejak diambil alih oleh Menteri baru, liputannya lebih seimbang berbanding TV3, nampaknya sekarang ini "Lebih kuah dari sudu". Penyiar swasta lebih hebat membodek kerajaan pusat, mengapa?, untuk memastikan lesen penyiaran kekal. Lebih ketara bila tiada lagi pesaing swasta: Media Prima dah kontrol semua TV3, NTV7 & TV9. Manakala RTM dan Bernama milik Kerajaan.

Apakah ada udang di sebalik batu, masih ingatkah cadangan penswastaan RTM, apakah ini langkah untuk memastikan MP bakal pemegang saham RTM yang bakal diswastakan? Kenapa kita benarkan satu entiti sahaja menguasai media massa kita? Ingat lagi bila mereka hampir menguasai Utusan Malaysia. Sekarang ini mereka menguasai NST, BH, Harian Metro.

Lu fikir lah sendiri...

Monday, June 16, 2008

Economic impact on politic

Last week, I received a phone call – hey my phone works lah - from an “Old” friend, (sorry pun intended) he is now working with a Bumiputra owned construction company with cables attached to political parties. So this is an inside story – anyway not secret anymore politically-linked company will gulung tikar and surrender their license.

Construction companies are feeling the pinch due to the removal of ceiling price for building materials i.e. cement and steel.

Adding salt to the wound, recently PM announced petrol & diesel price hike, as a result it would affect all possible profit margin on all contracted jobs and more likely, capacity to cover costs in the future. The optimistic government last year announced IDR, NCER and ECER with the hope of buying support from the public in the general election and very generously launching billions of ringgit in several mega projects. Unfortunately, the outcome of Malaysian general election is against the Barisan, and subsequently loss two major investment State, Selangor and Penang to the opposition.

Johor is still the stronghold for UMNO and barisan, - OKT is from Perak but “selamat” because he contested in Johor, next time SV and KSK should contest in Johor. But Johor won’t be a stronghold forever. Remember the massive flood in Johor last year, where was the PM.

Penang, Kedah and Perak makes up the largest portion of Northern Economic Region, and all three are now in the hands of Pakatan Rakyat. The other state, Perlis is too small to be reckoned with. Then again recently, PM announced that the projects are being reviewed.

Sabah and Sarawak has the advantage to demand.

Major impact to politically linked construction companies that bloom under Barisan government. The General Public and Pakatan Rakyat are calling for transparency - open tenders instead of current practice of negotiation.

The good times are over. I am not surprise if these companies started to wind up - “gulung tikar”. I can’t wait to see the party’s general assembly, where year after year, they park their flashy Benz and Bimmer haphazardly just to show off and create traffic jams in front of PWTC.

Friday, June 13, 2008

My Mom hospitalised

Just got a phone call from my sister at Johor Bahru that my mom has been admitted to the Sultanah Aminah Hospital Johor Bahru, after complaining breathing difficulties.

My mom is suffering from kidney failure and she has to undergo dialysis three times per week, she is being taken care of by my eldest sister Hafsah. Contemplating to drive down to JB...

"Ya Allah kasihanilah ibu bapa kami sebagaimana mereka mengasihi diri kami dan ampunkanlah dosa-dosa mereka..."

Happy Birthday to my Wife

Happy Birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to my wife, Rose Yatimah.
Specially dedicated to my wife, the mother of my children. I love you and will always love you. I know at times i am moody and harsh, but you have been very tolerant and when i was not well, you've took care of me. Thank you my love...

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Political billboard

Hi, i just read today's papers, as usual the local papers had dedicated several pages to publish the political bickerings. This morning i came across the news article commenting on the Billboard with the new Selangor Menteri Besar's picture, some people argued that it is a waste of money, but if i can remember well for the past ... um.. probably many, many years ago, this kind of billboard has been in existence, with the picture of the Previous Menteri Besar, but i can't remember anybody criticising it. Why now?

Pemuda UMNO new blog

UMNO Youth latest blog, saka bangsa, it is a good start but who are the target readers? If it is among themselves i think the website is adequate. Furthermore, the articles are also too stiff and formal to attract youth. Or might as well engage blog writers without linking it to UMNO, then probably you will attract more youth to read, apart from your own supporters. Then again I don't think the name "saka" is suitable due to its association with saka the "hantu raya" or "hantu belaan", thus, it means the writers are han..

Yeah, some will argue that in the kamus - saka means pusaka, warisan... bla bla bla....., I agree, I am a malay educated too and highly exposed to the old malay literature, but not to the younger generation particularly after watching "Saka" on TV3 and Astro and the film "Jangan Pandang Belakang" (don't look behind).

That reminds me of Prowaris, what's up guys, i just saw their site, not updated since last march. What happened? They used to be very vocal but now i can barely hear nor remember them! Probably they should engage a full time "saka" to maintain their website...

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Eco-Tourism 2

Well for Nature Photographer enthusiast, a cruise along the river is a nice opportunity to photograph birds, monkeys, fishing activities: cockles collection, trapping mud crap, catching udang galah, or simply enjoy the scenery. These pictures are all taken during my boat trip.

The fishing Village, all boats line up at their personal jetty.

A young boy fishing on a large boat.

Graveyards for boats?

Boats going to collect cockles

Want to buy "ikan belanak ampat linggit satu kilo"


This month has been a very stressful and tense, with all the hard to swallow announcement - petrol and diesel price hike, revised electricity tariff, higher food price, higher transportation costs, possible interest rate hike and definitely higher inflation...

We need to de-stress ourselves, how about going back to nature... oh! it was on TV3 last night that a large part of Cameron Highlands lush greenery has been cleared up AGAIN by planters - question is "are the local authorities asleep or just couldn't care less". Another stressful issue here.

Ok, in that case we drive up further North to Taiping, I fell in love with Taiping the first time I reached there last week, it was a picture of a very peaceful town, no vehicle horns, no traffic jams (except at the Taiping Zoo), then there is the oldest lake garden in the country, much, much natural and nicer than KL's Lake Garden and Tasik Titiwangsa. A walking distance in the area: a natural dipping pool (Burmese pool), Hill Resort - Maxwell Hill (Bkt Larut), Perak Museum, British Army war cemetery and a number of budget acommodation, all situated nearby.

How about taking a drive from Taiping to Kuala Sepetang a.k.a. Port Weld, a 20-30 min drive. From the fishing village you can buy Giant Prawn Udang Galah, Mud Crab, variety of fishes, dried shrimp, hire a boat for fishing or just to take you along the river and see the swampland or to the charcoal industry I wrote earlier in this blog, birdwatching, monkeys, insects and blend with nature...

But the local authority, the forestry dept. and the tourism authority should be more proactive to promote all this for our eco-tourism industry, don't spoil the nature but blend with it. I saw there was a chalet setup by Forestry Dept and the cost was very cheap but promotion was lacking. All those foreigners or "Matsallehs'" as we call them are more attracted to this kind of tourism rather than looking at our city development. The chalets is on the swampland, overlooking the river. Very quiet, peaceful and educational.

To be continued...

Monday, June 9, 2008

Eagles Flying High

Eagles soaring at Kg Menteri, Kuala Sepetang. These photos were taken from a boat using 200mm lens on a scorching noon. A lot of eagles nesting on the mangrove swamp trees and flying high looking for food at noon. It was difficult to focus, as i was standing on a moving boat, a small about 20feet fishermen boat.

Malaysian Economy

The sky is the limit? It seems that the soaring prices 0f global crude oil price don't have a limit. Just a couple of years ago it was just around USD30 per barrel, now it is lingering at USD130 per barrel a difference of USD100 per barrel. How high will it go?

The economic cycle this time around is much more extreme than the Asian Financial Crisis, 10 years ago - human greed was being alleged as the main culprit. But this time around, all element of disaster, nature and human greed is taking part to create havoc. Started with the US sub-prime crisis, followed by collapse of several Financial giants, series of interest rates reduction, weakening dollars...

At the same time the crude oil prices increased, blaming on demands from emerging nations like China and India, but why so sudden increase. Speculation was also to be blame, greed for higher prices prompted traders to put price higher even though OPEC had increase their production.

Now, several disasters are wrecking several major food producing countries. Flood, drought, earthquake, cyclone, all the nature elements are destroying paddy fields, soy bean, poultries etc. Thus demand for oil also increase due to these phenomenon. Food are getting expensive and several countries is already facing food crisis. Philippines had shortage of rice, China earthquake affected high percentages of their population, Laos and Vietnam's paddy field submerged in flood water.

Inflation is imminent to the global economy, but Malaysia has been recording a very low inflation statistics, it is about time we look at our calculation and our subsidy policies. Are Malaysian to be spoon fed for the rest of our lives? Malaysian has been living in an unrealistic scenarios for a very long time, our economy figures did not really shows the true picture of our current situation. And for the rest our live, we have been sweetened by subsidies and rosy statistics - shows that our population and our nation are doing well.

So what are the implication; complacency. We always thought that we are rich with natural resources and will always survive, but the question is what have we done to ensure our survival. Nothing.

Look at Singapore, they don't have the natural resources, but they had the will to survive by taking advantage of the industries where the neighboring countries neglected. Their bio-technology research are more advance than ours, while we have all the resources like palm oil, rubber, petroleum etc.

Are we still going to cry due to the higher fuel price, something should be done. I am not going to recommend taking public transport, cos Malaysia's public transport really sucks! Roads and transport infrastuctures are haywired. Not enough parking at Monorails, LRT & Komuter stations. Security? Very doubtful. Then these facilities is not extended to some areas, especially the areas where high number of lower income group dwells.

Even in the heart of KL, parking is very scarce, even open air parking are charging as high as RM15-20 per day.

Did the government really understand the rakyat, the People are now well educated, we are no longer in the era of our forefathers where they are easily deceived. That is the reason why BN lose rakyat support. Ignorance & arrogance is not a nice word but I can't think of any better words...

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Price Hike

Seventy-eight sen per liter hike is really steep, I was expecting the increase to be around 30 to 40 sen gradually over time, and it put my evening journey home very chaotic due to traffic jams, not due to accidents but cars and lorries queuing up to buy petrol and diesels at the petrol stations.

Lucky for me, while I was driving to work, I heard the news in the morning, about Pak Lah supposed to announced the hike, I just turn my car into the nearest station on sight.

Previously, every time I fill my car it costs me RM70.00, with the petrol hike I have to add another more or less RM28.50, that is an exorbitant sum to me; RM100.00 for 5 days of driving to & fro my office, will add up to RM600.00 per month, just to pay my petrol.

I am sure the demand for Kancil car will be high, and based on word of mouth, used-car dealers' stocks for older generation Kancil are depleting fast. I am also considering to buy one for daily office transport.

Prior to this the price of rice had skyrocketed, next what else, the ceiling price of chicken is expected to be removed soon, everything will move upward, price at eateries either increased or the portion will be less. Electricity tariff will soon be increased too, so like in the 70's, after dinner at eight and when everybody is in front of TV, switch off all the lights, it is like we are at the movies.

Families can impose a curfew and everybody sleeps early... oh oh, it will result in... a new family member the next 9 months... oh gosh! It seems that it never ends. Another mouth to feed, another expenses and so on and on...

Well for traveling, I have to reconsider all my traveling purposes from now on, forget cuti-cuti Malaysia, its just cuti at home..... huhuhuuuu....

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Perit-jerih kehidupan

A visit to the charcoal industry at Kuala Sepetang, previously known as Port Weld shows us how difficult it is to make a living for village people. For the lady scraping the log are paid only 17sen per log, it is really hard work, and for a day and expert like her managed about 100 logs, thats only RM17 per day.

Inside there was another lady who works inside the fire kiln(the dome shape) to clean the place from charcoal log, even after a week the kiln is still hot. if you've been to sauna before, this place is double the heat. I can't even pass the kiln door, as the heat makes me sweat just by standing at the entrance. I don't have the photos, the door was made after they knock down the fireplace in the photos below.

But outside at the canal where they transport the "bakau" or mangrove wood from the swamp/mangrove the scenery was beautiful.

Makan @ Port Weld - Mee Udang

Monday, 2 June we visited Kuala Sepetang a.k.a Port Weld, we had Mee Udang "Selak-selak udang jumpa Mee" normally selak mee baru jumpa udang, or "Ada Mee di sebalik Udang" from malay idiom "ada udang disebalik mee", We had our mee udang at Salleh Stall, not so famous as Mak Teh's, and this stall is frequented only by those in the know.

I was surprised, after we arrived there was none stop of "out-of-towners" visitors coming in to have Mee Udang at 10a.m., how do they get know about this stall. Must be by word of mouth! never mind that we enjoyed our large sized Udang... burrrp, excuse me!