Saturday, July 25, 2009

Kuala Linggi photos

Gambar-gambar di Kuala Linggi,

Sebahagian chalet yang di sediakan
Cahaya lampu kapal di waktu malam (Ships plying Straits of Melaka at night)
Keadaan jerebu menyukarkan mendapat gambar yang baik (Haze spoils the scene)
Medan ikan bakar waktu malam (Floating restaurant)
Inilah gambar rumah milik tuan tanah Inapan Samudera, bentuk tradisi Melaka (Melaka Traditional house)
Cadangan pada bulan Disember nanti nak buat gathering kat sana...

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Pantai Kuala Linggi

Inilah pemandangan pantai Kuala Linggi. Diambil menghala ke selatan dimana terdapat beberapa chalet, seperti NDK Chalet, Rizalan Chalet, KM Chalet, Kembang Sejati, Inapan Samudera.

Kelihatan aktiviti berkayak, team building, perjumpaan keluarga di sana.

Gambar dibawah ini mengarah ke Kuala atau Muara Sungai Linggi disebelah belakang pantai ini. Jika malam boleh nampak kelipan lampu dari rumah api (light-house) Tanjung Tuan di kejauhan sana, tapi kerana jerebu, tidak jelas.

Suasana jerebu mengganggu pemandangan di laut Selat Melaka.
Gagal mendapat gambar sunset kerana jerebu dah menelan matahari sebelum sempat terbenam.


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Kuala Linggi Hidden Treasure

The Chalet we stayed in faced the beach only small road that separate us from the beach. We get a good view of the beach compared to other chalets. It was actually a house with two bedrooms, (three on request - one room is located strategically to become a separate room for rent), with queen size bed on each room, a kitchen with stove for cooking (additional charges for gas), fridge and a tv.

We managed to rent the house with the help of Azhari a.k.a Ali the operator of Inapan Samudera, another chalet owned by his brother. The chalet is situated on land inherited from his ancestors. His Chalet was already fully booked.

The areas are also a favourite among tv and film producers, for its secluded areas, nice and antique houses, quiet and serene and sometime spooky? But the place is really nice for getaways, situated far from major roads, separated by a hill.

Nearby is an old Dutch Fort during the Dutch occupation of Melaka, called Fort Supai or Sepoi according to old history textbook.

Now at the edge of the Fort, the state government had built a floating restaurant "Ikan Bakar". The place is situated right at the mouth of Sungai Linggi, thus the name Kuala Linggi.

The old Fort is situated on top of a hill and on top there was, I thought it was a grave, eerie, see photo. Then there are a few canons, ruins of the Fort, the remains of the walls and a field most probably the compound of the Fort. The grass on field looks like it was neatly trimmed and well maintained but the surroundings, especially near the place I suspect was a grave - was not maintained. Creepy!

The Boardwalk to Medan Ikan Bakar

Boardwalk and steps to Fort Supai, background Medan Ikan Bakar.

The "Grave?" Orang Kuala Linggi tolong betulkan jika saya silap!

Meriam Fort Supai

Fort compound (Laman Fort)

... to be continued...

A nice secluded & cheap getaway

After the award ceremony at the MRSM Terendak (the school is situated inside the army camp - Kem Terendak, all visitors are required to surrender their ICs' at the main entrance, very troublesome, fortunately my daughter moved to MRSM Jasin), we all traveled to Kuala Linggi.

Along the way we stop awhile at Pengkalan Balak and then at Telok Gong wet market.

At Kuala Linggi, we scout for chalet for a night stay. There are quite a number of chalet & homestay operated by the village people. They also accommodate for family gatherings, reunion, corporate team building. But the place is not as crowded as Pengkalan Balak or Tanjung Bidara, because the place is secluded and located behind a small hill (hence the name Kampung Balik Bukit) and the passage is only accessible through a small kampong road (one car).

After settling down my daughters can't wait to get into the water.

Monday, July 20, 2009

More Award for my Daughter

Last Saturday 18th July 2009, this time my Daughter received RM50 and a certificate from her former school, MRSM Terendak for achieving 9A in PMR.