Thursday, July 22, 2010

Crocodile Farm, Telok Sengat

Crocodile Farm is situated at near Telok Sengat town, among the palm trees and beside the Johor River.
The owner, claim the farm is the biggest in Malaysia boasting of more than 1,000 crocodiles in captivity. And the oldest is more than hundred years old. He inherited the farm from his father. Prior to that, his father was a fisherman. A baby croc he caught by accident changed his career and passion for crocs.

Mind you that this is a farm, meaning they are selling the skin as leather, teeth and bones for medicinal and ornaments purposes
and the meat is very expensive at RM80 per kg.

The oldest croc.
Oldest Croc?
Claimed to be more than 100yrs old!
Baby croc on my daughter's head

Croc on the head
Puffer Fish Ornament

Youngest Daughter

Another Daughter with baby croc
Map Of Telok Sengat

There are quite a number of homestays in the area, an old fort, jetties and boats for fishing, rafthouse/floating house....

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Telok Sengat, Kota Tinggi, Johor

Telok Sengat in Kota Tinggi is actually situated on the banks of Sungai Johor, a river instead of the sea. Telok sengat Town seen from the Jetty.

Nearby, a bridge linking from Senai to Desaru, bypassing Kota Tinggi Town, easier access and shorter distance for people from Kuala Lumpur or from the airport to reach Desaru.

Telok Sengat Town is a very small town, but is a historical sites for the "Old" Johor (Johor Lama), the name was the basis for naming the current State Capital Johor Bahru, of which "Baru" means "new" (fyi; Bahru is an old spelling). The historical site for Old Johor Fort (Kota Johor Lama). "The Johor Lama Historical Complex sheds light on the Johor Lama Fort. Built on the land that used to be the Sultanate’s government centre, the historical complex is a replica of the Sultan’s palace. The Johor Lama Historical Complex preserves the rich history of the fort and visitors will be thrilled to learn more about the place through an audio visual presentation and well-illustrated oil paintings depicting the events from 500 years ago." quotes taken from Johor Tourism Portal.

Also there are a lot of scenic sights.

The kids playing on the jetty - my daughters and nieces.

My missus, daughters and niece and me on the jetty enjoying the breeze & the panorama.

My missus, my daughter and me.

A floating house, rearing fishes in nets.

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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Coastal Road Sedili - Desaru, Johor

We continue our way, after a short break at Jason Bay, Sedili, Johor, we drive towards Kota Tinggi through the coastal road. Very rarely we encounter cars from the opposite direction. I don't think I would want to drive here at night..... very creepy and quiet without any settlements.

And I was a bit worried as my petrol is diminishing fast....

Anyway while at it, we still enjoy the sceneries.... (Taken by my children while I'm driving)

At Sedili Kechil

Along the way (the Coastal Road)

The monkeys....

We just enjoy the drive...........
To be continued...
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