Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Taman Tasik Perdana

Panoramic view of Taman Tasik Pedana (Lake Garden Kuala Lumpur)

just to relax the mind look at greenery, too much politic is not good for health...

Oil price below USD121pb

Global Crude Oil Price traded lower at USD121 per barrel. This figure is way below the USD136 per barrel price when the BN government decided to hike the retail petrol price to RM2.70. Pak Lah said at RM2.70, the government is actually giving a discount of 30 sen to the actual cost of petrol price.

Well, that was at USD136 per barrel, now the price has gone down to below USD121, a drop of about USD15 per barrel or about 11% decline. So, how much discount are we getting now 20 sen? What if the price drop further below USD100 per barrel, will the government announced a new retail petrol price? Earlier Pak Lah had said that there will be no more changes in petrol price for the year!

Or else Pak Lah must announce more goodies when he tabled the Malaysian 2009 Budget next month. Much and long awaited lower income tax for individuals (no reviews for several years already), higher rebate for purchases of books etc.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Laman 2008

My visit to the LAMAN 2008, international landscape & garden festival 2008 at Perdana Lake Garden (Taman Tasik Perdana) last week, need to brush up on my photography skills, upgrading myself from analog photography into digital photography...

More coming up and welcome any comment or critic...

My Pride

Last Saturday, I was in Malacca, attending my daughter's school at MRSM Kem Terendak (located inside the army camp) for her student achievement award ceremony. Officially it started at 9.30 am and the Principal updates on the school's long list of achievements and most of the time he was precise, but the speech by the parent-teacher association or Muafakat Chairman took almost an hour, blowing his own horn and lots and lots of history lessons... bla, bla, bla. Ok enough of that, my daughter achieved 3.77 gpa number ten among the form 3 students but top in her class. For her high gpa she was awarded the Principals Achievement Award. I am very proud of you Afiqah...

Friday, July 25, 2008

Petrol Price

I was wondering, the government said that the current price of petrol in Malaysia at RM2.70 is after a discount of 30 sen, and that pricing was set when the global crude oil was trading at USD136 per barrel, now that the crude oil price is down to USD125 per barrel;
  • Are we getting a discount or are we paying a premium for our petrol?
  • Will the government reduce the petrol and diesel prices if the global crude oil goes lower?
  • Why do we need to pay our petrol based on global commodity trading price?
Petronas is own by the government and the oil should be directly own by the government.

In a recent forum among corporate leaders organised by Bloomberg, Datuk Idris Jala (MAS) - based on his previous experience in multinational Petroleum company, told the attendees that the actual cost for producing oil is only around USD30-USD40 per barrel, the rest are trade margin. If this is the situation why do we need to trade or pricing based on global petrol trading price, since the petrol were sold domestically. In my opinion only the portion for export should be based on commodity trading price.

The purpose of commodity trading is to replace barter trade. Barter trade and commodity trading involves international trade, whereas for domestic consumption should be exempted from following the international trading price. Please correct me on this if I am wrong.

Or is it just to give Petronas huge profit from the pricing, then gives some dividend back to the government from the profit, but at the same time we as Malaysian citizen was unwittingly taxed when we buy petrol and contribute to the profit of Petronas and paying dividend to the government.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Inflation Rate 7.7%

The Consumer Price Index (CPI) or the inflation rate jumped sharply 7.7%, doubled from may CPI of 3.8% and a 27 seven year record high, higher than market forecast of 6.74%. I expect the inflation is expected to remain high in July and probably the rest of the year. In July further increase in the electricity tariff will continue push the index at the current level.

Previously our CPI is just recording below 3.8% while other countries are already in the 6-11% hike. In June; China (7.1%), Singapore (7.5%), Hong Kong (6.1%), Philippines (11.4%), Thailand (8.9%), Indonesia (11%).

Crude Oil prices last night drop to USD124 per barrel after recording the high of USD147 per barrel last week. Malaysia hiked the petrol and diesel price when the Oil prices was trading at USD136 per barrel.

Tomorrow Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) will hold a monthly monetary meeting and market are expecting a review on the interest rates. Will BNM increase the interest rates from currently at 3.5% to 3.75%? However, the current inflation is not due to supply-demand factor but more of cost push factor.

Will we suffer as much as in 1998?

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Perdana vs E200K

If given a choice, which would you choose between Proton Perdana and Mercedes E200K? I would definitely choose Mercedes E200K. No, not because of maintenance expenditure, why should I care about maintenance cost as it is being paid by the government! The reason people are crazy about power and authority is to get hold of the privileges that comes along... luxury and attention.

Would you look twice at anybody driving a proton - no, perdana - no, toyota camry - just a toyota, cefiro - never heard of it before, mercedes - "waaaaaa.......! VIP la!", that is the perception you get. Have you seen a multinational corporate company's CEO driving a proton, the expression "sengkeklah!", the same applies to politician.

Furthermore, they already own bimmers, mercs, lexus as their private cars, how are they gonna go around in cheaper cars to meet rakyat... "Exco ni sengkeklah...!"

If the economy is good and a full majority controlled by BN, the rakyat will just close one eyes for such an expenditure, but during economic downturn, politicians spends like nobody's business, it should create negative response.

The excuse is about maintenance, have they done any paperwork on the purchase, surely it must include the feasibility studies and the justification for the huge expenditure. My mathematic is not so good but even my primary school children know the difference between RM3.43million (14 E200K) and RM1.4million(14 Perdana). Maintenance, for perdana every 5,000km around RM300, while for E200K every 12,000km costs between RM700, please do the calculation, it is almost the same, where is the savings?

These power crazy people never learn... I am afraid the issue will just die down.......

Just to quote a remark by one BN Minister, "These people are making a fool out of themselves, riding a bicycle to parliament doesn't fit the status of a MP." because some opposition MPs ride bicycles to Parliament. Is status so important? or saving duit rakyat...?

There goes rakyat's monies....

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Spoils my Day

Today i started to write a bit late, sorry about that, early in the morning the big bosses had called me up while I was having breakfast at 8am. As all bosses are, they only read what they are presenting at the last minute and panicked when their eyes deceived them. Panic had overwhelmed them and the victims... you know who, the subordinate, us the lowly paid, meagre salaried, the below average paid staff in the industry!

There goes my day, spoilt. As a matter of fact, all the details are there in the report that we submitted 5 days ago. By the way the format/template had been in used for the past 2 years and was never questioned, but when it was raised by a newly appointed Director, all Top Senior Highly Paid Executives and the other Directors could not answer and panicked, pointed their finger at us.

Well, it is obvious that they don't bother to read until the last minute, and complacency took over as it is another routine meeting and take it for granted as long as they get their allowance.

Never mind, "Bosses are always right".

Monday, July 21, 2008


UMNO and Pas are talking with each other, BUT why in secrecy? what is the agenda? Talking about Malay agenda? Each party actually needs to do housecleaning and maintenance first. First, Umno has done a lot of damage to the Malay unity and the supposedly wealth distribution was only distributed among themselves, the hardcore poor remain poor.

Talking about the Malay Agenda reminds me of Institut Teknologi MARA (ITM).

Umno made a grave mistake in upgrading ITM into Uitm. It was supposed to be an exclusive Bumiputera institution of higher learning, to help the hardcore poor especially those coming from rural areas. The student had all the convenience of hostel facilities- although some have to live in dormitories, food served free 4 times a day at the dining hall, all other facilities are similar to other universities. But since ITM was declared a university, no more free food, except a subsidy of RM4 per day. Previously ITM student only worried about exams and tests, never about what to eat and where to eat. Now with only RM4 in hand, what can one get, by breakfast time RM2 was spent; RM1 for teh tarik, RM1 for roti canai or nasi lemak. Another RM2 for the rest of the day.

Some may argue that now they have the facilities of PTPTN, yes true, I agree partially because we have to remember that PTPTN is not free. It bind the student with debts even before they start their working life, what a pity. What if the student fail to get a job after graduating? It is a burden to the lower income family expecting their children to improve their live instead an extra burden of repaying their debts.

The government should be more prudent in their decision, not just looking at status, a university status is nothing compared to the long term impact on the Malays and the Bumiputeras. I hope there will be an alternative to ITM, instead of setting up a new ITM, focus on Polytechnics as the new exclusive Bumiputera's higher learning institution.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Roadblock Again

Again Police are showing off their stubbornness, arrogance, ignorance and st(beep)y, again. Today they setup a roadblock at the same place the last they had at Jalan Duta's toll, and more st(beep), only one passage was available where all cars had to converge.

Third time st(beep)y, all the officers are just sitting under an umbrella about 10 to 20 meters away just to make us angry.

They never learn, do they, they are untouchables as long as MH in power!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Police Broke Promise

Police broke their promise - will you still put your trust on police?

DSAI was arrested at 1.11pm whereas Bakri had given Anwar until 2pm to arrest if DSAI fail to turn up. I am confused here, the polices' watches are all one hour early? Or they are using police team from Korea/Japan and their time is about 1 hr early, don't dare to use local police to catch DSAI. Or is it they are so st...(beep) to read their watches. Ah probably they need government issued watches too just like their uniforms.

Yesterday they made the traffic chaotic, today they are playing with rakyat's sentiment...

Can we continue to trust and respect them?

Petroleum profit

I have not written for quite some time, I don't intend to comment on all issues, but at least some of my comment had been argued elsewhere. Like the issue on police roadblocks, i posted it at 8am immediately after arriving at office, later it was hotly debated in parliament. And some of my earlier comment on the economy, hit the bulls-eye.

Well yesterday Petronas reported massive profit, it is not surprising with the current crude oil price in the market. BUT, the question is, with so much royalties paid to the federal and state government, how was the money utilized? Remember when Terengganu fell to the opposition, the royalty was withdrawn and channeled it through the federal government. Now it is back to the state - see the unprofessional tactics of politic! Is there a special accounts for it?

If some quarters are afraid that if Petronas give away all their profit to the government, it would lead to the fall of Petronas as a corporate company, I suggest nationalized it and make it as another government agency like EPF or Inland Revenue, all incomes are directly owned by the government!

Again I question, why is our retail price of petrol is only 10 sen cheaper than in China, the major importer of oil. The massive demand for oil started after China open its economy and relax on personal wealth. From bicycle riding senior government official, now transformed into multi-millionaire tycoon, a large number of people in China had thrown away their old bicycle and exchanged for cars. Beijing is no longer a city for bicycle but a modern metro capital.

Back in Malaysia, we are an oil producing country, a net exporter but our rakyat has to bear a higher oil price. Since we are producing our own petrol, then why should we need to have our price at par with the global price. It doesn't make sense! It is our own commodity and we are not a member of OPEC, we can just keep the fuel for own consumption. Even oil mining contribution to the GDP is very insignificant compared to the Services Sector.

Like i said before, the government are too obssesed to have a very rosy and attractive statistics rather than the showing the truth- well "truth hurts".

Monday, July 14, 2008

Police Roadblock

This morning, reports said that there is going to be a rally in front of the Parliament. Police said they will take action on those involved, okay, go ahead BUT why must you harass people going to work in the morning, if you want to close the roads leading to Parliament then why do you need to do roadblock immediately after the Jalan Duta toll. To make it worst, there is only three constable manning three passageway out from so many toll booth at Jalan Duta. And these officers don't even bother to check, just wave to let cars pass through the blockade.

If the police want to take action against the people involved in rallies, ok fine, go ahead but for us, as law abiding citizen we had to suffer due to the police actions. Can't the police think of a way to avoid these problem. When I pass that area it was at 7am, still early in the morning, what would happen at 8am, I am sure a messy jams would occur.

To me if you have to just close the road leading to parliament at Jalan Parlimen and the access road from Jalan Duta. Lets be fair to other road user. The police need to improve your public image, public relations and public perception if you want people to respect you. Be more public oriented please!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Tidbits in Parliament.

What is happening in Parliament, earlier, they allowed everybody into the parliament, even a birthday party was held in the parliament's lobby, then, at one time not allowing press/journalist to enter the lobby, now the security are checking on the length of the skirts, don't they have anything else to do - "chasing skirts" - what a shame!

In the journalist incidence, the Deputy Speaker said they need to discuss the issue with the Speaker but on the "skirt" issue the Deputy Speaker said it is not of their concern because it is outside the chambers. Wonder why the different approach. In the earlier incident a Minister blasted on his fellow MPs for removing the barriers after he denies any knowledge of the ruling. Now he becomes the champion of the "skirts".

It seems that my earlier blog on the "Men in Black" - mind changing aliens had invaded our P.

p.s. why the call for action on the "laser mouth" and "fast hand" BN's MP brushed off so easily.

New Deputy Prime Minister?

By 2010 we will have a new Prime Minister, that is "if" it materialise. 23 months is a long time, anything can happen along the way.

It appears that this proposed transfer of power are merely a show to appease critics and calls for PM to step down. Today I agree with TM, the chances for DSN to become DPM is very unlikely because the transition period is too long. I don't feel excited about the announcement, firstly, I have no confidence on DSN, second - I felt that PL is buying time for him to stay on, third - is to pacify PL's critics and cease potential challenge for the post.

The Umno's President and Deputy President posts are supposed to be an elected post, with PL announcement it seems that PL guaranteed DSN to become President - an act normally regarded as dictatorship or authoritarian. Let the members decide who they want to become their leaders, I reiterated my earlier blog, abolish the election quota system and let democracy rules.

The reason given by PL to stay next 23 months is irrelevant, the succsessor should be entrusted to managed his own way, afterall it is for the benefit of the rakyat unless there are some things to hide...

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Minister blame Blogs

On today's newpaper TheStar, a Minister hit out at weblogs and bloggers, blaming bloggers for spreading inaccurate information and accusing bloggers of exaggeration on facts, matching blogs to spreading gossips from mouth to mouth.

It seems that this particular minister is from old school politicians, no wonder they can't or most likely would not understand the needs of new generation of voters. We are no longer the generation of "Yes, Minister" (1980's British Sitcom), we are the new generations of voters and political observers. And we felt that there is a need for us to speak our mind. I am apolitical and I am not easily swayed either. We are not "atas pagar" but merely people who don't bother about politic unless it affect our lives.

The Malaysian political scenario now is getting out of hand, everybody is fingerpointing, blaming others for their own weaknesses and misdeeds. Now this Mr Minister is accusing bloggers of spreading lies and inaccurate reports. Mr Minister, this is the era of information technology, we cannot just rely on what was reported by the newspapers and tvs - mostly controlled by political proxies. And most important we are not stupid. Blog is not like gossips (spreading by mouth) but is in writing (black and white) and it is not a "surat layang" - the author can be easily identified. As Minister they have the privilege of press coverage but for the rakyat, we also need a medium to express our mind too.

If this Mr Minister blames bloggers for inaccuracy, then that mean the blogs run by other Ministers - his peers, are also inaccurate and everybody should not believe what the other Ministers wrote in their blogs. It seems that this Minister had his fact wrong and he is making a malicious slander on Bloggers.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Hapus Kuota pemilihan Umno

Kita tahu kuota pemilihan pemimpin Umno telah diperkenalkan oleh Dr M semata-mata untuk memastikan tiada sesiapa boleh mencabar pemimpin bahkan tiada peluang pun untuk namanya dicalonkan. Awal-awal lagi sebelum bertanding dah di reject!

Dimanakah amalan demokrasi yang dilaungkan selama ini?
Kita masih ingat DrM kerap dicabar untuk jawatan Presiden dan rentetan dari cabaran Ku Li telah membawa kepada Umno ke mahkamah dan di bubarkan. Takut berulang lagi, terus dinafikan hak demokrasi.

Apakah akibatnya?
Sedarkah pembaca, siapakah dikalangan pemimpin kita yang berwibawa, berkaliber untuk meneraju Negara seperti Dr M. walaupun saya bukanlah peminat beliau tapi kredibiliti dan kaliber beliau dikagumi. Jika di tapis barisan kabinet siapakah yang menepati ciri-ciri pemimpin. Pak lah hanyalah atas tiket "Mr Nice Guy". Ketegasan tiada...

Siapa barisan Pelapis?
Siapakah di kalangan pemimpin muda yang berwibawa untuk masa depan. Yang ada hanya opportunis nak kumpul kekayaan, ke hulu hilir dengan kereta mewah dan mengepit artis "jelita".

Siapa lagi selepas Najib?
Janganlah mengamalkan nepotisma dan kronisma.

Sistem kuota menggalak rasuah?
Rasuah bukan dari segi wang bahkan ugutan, tawaran jawatan, kontrak dsb. Sesiapa yang dari awal mencalon, dicalon, menyokong calon lawan dah diketahui lebih awal lagi.

Sistem kuota tidak lagi relevan... Janganlah berselindung di sebalik sistem kuota, jika anda pilihan rakyat, andalah pemimpin negara... hapuskan label "ignorance" dan "arrogance" dari Umno.

Malaysian "Economy"

I am pleased to refer you back to my earlier blog (dated 16 June: Economic Impact on Politic); the possibility that some politician linked business especially in the construction industry will suffer and "gulung tikar" due to higher costs of building materials, diesel and petrol. Well after less than 10 days of the above article, Pak Lah pumped in RM30bil into the 9th Malaysian Plan, but cut spending on opposition held State (see my blog dated 27 June: RM30bil for 9MP). All in the name of helping economic growth. I am sure my readers are intelligent enough to link the two articles above and to read between the lines.

Sometimes I wonder, which are the government's priority, is it the statistics (economic growth) or the welfare of the Malaysian. The government is trying so hard to keep our economic figure rosy and good, very adamant that GDP growth will remain above certain numbers, previously above 6%, now due to economic pressure revised to 5%.

On the other hand, if you ask businessmen or the people on the street, everybody are saying that the economy is bad and they are feeling the pain and the pressure, prices are increasing, expenses budgeoning etc.

Even if we compare the inflationary rates with the region, how is it that our CPI is recording 3.8% in May compared to China 7.7%, Singapore 7.5%, Hong Kong 5.7%, Philippines 9.6%, Thailand 7.6% and Indonesia 10.3%.

Just to keep our figure nice, the rakyat has to suffer. Even China currently the biggest importer of oil is selling the petrol at USD0.85 per litre or RM2.80 while Malaysia an oil producing nation is selling petrol to our own rakyat at RM2.70 per litre just 10sen difference between major oil importer and oil producing nation! How's that?

Alien Abduction

Following my story on the "Mind Game"; the intrusion of Aliens and the action of "Men in Black", now took one step further, the aliens are abducting people.

Some Rawang folks sighted some blinking blues lights around Rawang, and now even "Men in Blue" are sighted making rounds in Rawang, unbelievably on foot. If I can recall I only saw once out of my 9 years living in Rawang these "Men In Blue" making the round at my housing estate and even then they are in their white cruiser. The "Men in Blue" is now a frequent sight at Balasubramaniam's house in Rawang, after he was reportedly had a mind change and retracting his first statutory declaration.

Mr Balasubramaniam is now missing together with his family members, leaving behind his house and cars! His closest relatives are puzzled and reported missing person with the "Men in Blue". It seems either the Men in Black or the Alien are behind this, missing without a trace. It is time to call the X-files investigators...

All those residing, living and staying in Rawang, myself inclusive, must be more careful...
The Twilight Zone has come to town....

Friday, July 4, 2008

Mind game

We are having the best movie of the year, a Malaysian version of "Men in Black". It was reported that several people currently under public attention, suddenly had encountered a mind changing occurrence.

First, Pak Lah assured a full investigation on two top government authority, but after an hour said he had full trust on them.

Yesterday Najib suddenly remembers he met Saiful before the latter made a police report.

Today Balasubramaniam retracted part of his statutory declaration on Altantuya's case.

I wonder who will be the next victim.

But i think it is already in the works;
  • The attention on price hike/inflation was diverted to Najib/Rosmah/Altantuya & Anwar/Saiful.
  • The Lingam's video scandal slowly out of the picture.
  • Tun M can sigh a relief from any political attack.
  • Nobody notice crude oil price going for USD150.00
  • Anybody remember about no-confidence vote?
The "Men in Black" are very efficient. Aliens are already among us, they are now speaking like us, living like us and on weekends/holidays they will be around KLCC, Bukit Nanas, Chow Kit. So be aware.


Wahai TPM, menggelabah ke? Kenapa beberapa hari lepas ceritanya lain sekarang ceritanya lain. Statement dah bercanggah. Kenapa pada awalnya tak berterus-terang, sekarang ni baru nak cerita yang awak dah jumpa budak tu.

Macam ni ke nak jadi PM kita? Politik... politik, inilah dia namanya politik!

Jangan salahkannya mungkin kepalanya dah pening, serabut, tak tentu arah mana nak pikir UMNO, Pak Lah, Parlimen, kes Altantuya, tapi yang utamanya hal wife yang dah tersiar dalam akhbar Singapura "Today" 27 jun lalu.

Janganlah nak mempermainkan rakyat Malaysia, zaman ini, masyarakat Malaysia dah bijak-bijak dan ramai yang terpelajar, bukan boleh di perkotak-katikkan lagi.

Kalau ada yang terlanjur tu, bertaubatlah, mohon ampun. Kalau tak salah janganlah menggelabah!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Nikon D700

Semalam 2/7/2008, saya tak dapat menulis kerana dapat berita Nikon dah keluarkan kamera dSlr terbaru model D700, baru sehari sebelumnya bertekad nak beli Nikon D300, tu pun kalau ada pelarasan gaji dan kelulusan Menteri Hal Ehwal Rumahtangga. Nampaknya dah ada model baru yang dianggap mini Nikon D3. Tumpuan semalam banyak pada website yang memaparkan kamera baru ini, cerita politik ketepi seketika.

The Star's Front page photo

When I saw on today's (3/7/08) newspaper The Star, I was quite surprised looking at the front page photos of DSAI's accuser. Surprise because he claimed that he had been sodomised but by the look on his happy face, he looks like he just won a lottery. Smiling and happily waving at reporters and journalist; quoted from utusan's article "...tersenyum memandang sekumpulan pemberita dan jurugambar yang berada di pekarangan balai dan sempat melambai-lambaikan tangannya...". It did not reflect as a man who had been through something that would made him, his family, or his fiancee ashamed. No sign of trauma.

Well, it is a glamorous world to be in the limelight.

This photo taken from Utusan website: credited to Sin Chew Jit Poh.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Rakyat are not fools

Prices are ballooning, a plate of nasi campur cost more now, how to cope with all the rising cost of living. The government attention is diverted by the current political scenario than looking at the well being of the rakyat.

A bi-election for Sanglang seat is coming up, a court decision on Kuala Kangsar's election petition is pending this Friday, a split among BN component confidence, demands for more oil royalties, demand for more representations, demand for more allocations just because they command a state majority and any split would bring the ruling government down.

Pak Lah is definitely in a very tight situation, moreover, the opposition is gaining more support by day, the old tactics are no longer applicable. The rakyat is now more educated and more judgmental. "You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time."-Abraham Lincoln

Pak Lah should be more concern now to tackle the younger and educated generations. Since DH took over as BN/UMNO youth chief, we don't see any improvement in the organisation. Even the excos are not as vocal as during under DSAI's leadership. They are not trained as cader - doing underground work, people like Nasution, Azmin, Ezam were trained to be political leaders and in some instance political guerillas. Instead under Putera, the Youth took Mat Rempit to have fun - parachute somewhere at the pole, spending millions of ringgit and these guys came back and return to their old habits. And recent news item that some Mat Rempit became highway robbers and bank robbers.

Pak Lah is in dire needs of a "SCHEMER", the current advisors should be revamp and hire a fresh team. The youth should get a new set of leaders, fresh with ideas to improve, who are streetwise as well as well educated.