Sunday, April 18, 2010

Taking a break in Melaka

It has been awhile i have not post anything, too tied up with my facebook... it is very nostalgic in there, meeting my friend old friends, long lost friends, mostly more than 30 years lost contact.

At the moment I am in Malacca, taking my daughter out for lunch and shopping from her boarding school at MRSM in Jasin. So taking a short break here at Coffee Bean, having a coffee and scone while my wife and kids do the shopping.

It is very convenience now that i am using my 13" macbook pro so easy and light but very powerful....

Monday, April 5, 2010

EC'77 F1 Gathering in KL

A gathering was held last Saturday 3rd April 2010, for Ex EC 1977 Form 1 & friend. It was held at a member's restaurant, Nooralim Mohd Yunos's Restoran Selera Herba in Bandar Baru Bangi.

pic front row (l-r) Shamsul, Salim, Adlan, Alim. Back row Azhar, Fahmi, Wisam, Zul

It was a small affairs attended by 10 members. We had a great time chatting and exchanging infos about each others, as well as others that we have not met for a very long time. Ramlan Talib and Syed Azman had to leave earlier due to other engagements. It was attended by Kamali a primary school friend of Fahmi.

There were also infos about those who had passed away, i.e. Rozan Mohd Noor, Roslan Yusof, Abd Halim Ibrahim, Mustakim, Zulkifli Ramli,

Syed Azman now known as Syed Al-Attas and Adlan a.k.a. Amal Chulan Priaprai. Shamsul came all the way from Masjid Tanah Melaka for this gathering.

It was resolved in the gathering; " make a point that each and everyone to always keep in touch and let the spouse(s) inform any of us if any emergencies, mishaps or such, so that the other members would be able to react..."