Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Nature's Park, Kuala Selangor

It's been a long time i have not updated my blog, "I'm Sorry".

Anyway, last Saturday we made a trip to Taman Alam (Nature Park) at Kuala Selangor to do our wildlife photography. The place is in the Kuala Selangor town itself just next to the Bukit Melawati and sit next to the river mouth of Selangor River.

We reached there at around 8.45am and start our journey into the trail immediately. What we find, please checkout the series. I will be uploading the pictures in series. Oh! I forgot, beside myself the team members includes Razman my colleague and his spouse.

After paying RM4 each for the ticket the logo of Malaysian Nature Society logo, the Tapir Razman's favorite animal, greeted us.

The location map

The Malay calls it Sesumpah or Sumpah-sumpit

The jungle along the Pangolin Trail

Mummy and her daughter curious at the new visitors

Forest along the trail full of mosquitoes, luckily brought along insect repellant

The hanging bridge

Razman & spouse crossing the bridge taking photos

What did Razman shot, check out the next episode...

Thursday, April 9, 2009

New Cabinet lineup - mixed

It is a better mix of lineup, Sabah & Sarawak gets a larger number of representatives. Muhyiddin as expected is the DPM, MCA mostly retained except for Ong Ka Chuan. But UMNO losers like Rais & Nordin retained in the cabinet.

The best part is that the corrupt youth leader is not in the lineup, "padan muka pemuda UMNO", since they have voted for a corrupt leader, they lose the ministerial position, anyway the deputy Razali made it as deputy minister. Ensure a clean minister Najib. Pak Lah's and Khairy's proxy is still in the list.

The other guy, all analyst tipped to make a comeback as minister, a drunkard who like to pinch waitress butt did not make it, good decision by Najib. Clean up, Clean up.

A consolation for Mukhriz who became a deputy minister after losing the umno youth chief.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Kapitan House Restaurant revisit

Last Saturday, we had another trip to Melaka and we stayed overnight at Melaka Town. After fetching my daughter from her school in Jasin we made our journey to Melaka Raya. The first stop is Kapitan House.

This time around we reached there at 2.30pm a bit late, but Kenny @ Bibik was there and he was very happy to know this is our second trip to his place. He was as bubbly as his character Bibik Kim Neo. And we are the last to leave.

So this time around we tried other dishes,

Fried Fish in Black Pepper Sauce - it is incredible a fusion of black pepper sauce with fried fish and voila it taste terrific. Its Bibik own recipe.

Assam Prawn - a bit sour, but my kids like it. I still prefer the prawn nanas (prawn masak lemak with pineapple) we had on our first trip.

Prawn Sambal with petai - very nice not too hot (tak pedas) but spicy

Kangkong Belacan

Blue lagoon for my youngest daughter.

Actually we also had Ayam Curry but forgot to take pictures.
Burppp! So what does it tell you. 4.5 out of 5 stars.

We had our dessert of cendol and ABC. Below, satisfied faces in front of the restaurant.

Mr Kenny or Bibik, your food are delicious and we shall return. Refer to our first visit here.

Election result

So, yesterday's by-election result shows that Najib's influence as PM is still ineffective, Mahathir's return in umno is irrelevant and Muhyiddin is still a nobody.

The rakyat shun BN; umno, mic & mca. This is also a signal to the Perak royalty that the rakyat is still not in favor of BN.

The main important issue is that the rakyat want changes. Need a full revamp of the government, a reformation. Leadership change during the recent umno convention is irrelevant because as we can see several corrupt leaders still voted in. And the promises of the new PM only seen as sweetener to win the election, i.e. release of isa detainees, transformation of umno etc.

There is no point to post-mortem the election result, but importantly to post mortem BN itself, its leaders, grassroot leaders, corruption, transparency, cronyism, nepotism, ...